Magnum Opus



John Daniel Begg

At Washington

A report on behalf of the National Foundation for Alternative Medicine,Washington,DC

Plato tells us that the idea precedes all being and all action.

Plato–before all action, before all being, comes the IDEAL

At The National Foundation for Alternative Medicine, the NFAM, the idea has from the outset been that there may well be cures for cancer actively being practiced outside the boundaries of accepted medical convention.

From that idea follows appropriate, meticulous, action.  The NFAM here announces an aggressive campaign to identify a system of medical protocols that represent the most astounding successes in the treatment of cancer and other related maladies in history.  These protocols are proven and can be scientifically quantified.  The success of these ventures underscores our belief that there are practitioners who have the capacity to cure many types of cancer without the use of chemotherapy or radiation.  These medical practices outperform chemotherapy and radiation and hold the promise of imminent cure of this devastating disease that yearly claims the lives of millions of men, women and children world wide. Cancer has been the primary focus of disease studies by the NFAM to date.  However, other maladies that are highly responsive to alternative and complementary treatments have been identified.  The NFAM is making preliminary inquiries into the success of protocols that address these other degenerative diseases.

The Problem

Throughout the last three years, the National Foundation for Alternative Medicine has visited close to one hundred of the most celebrated cancer clinics in the US, Mexico, the Caribbeanand Western Europe.  To date, with visits in more than 17 countries, the Foundation has engaged in research and dialogue with hundreds of practitioners, facility owners and patients. We have heard remarkable things concerning success in the treatment of the cancer. Of equal note is the shift in who is doing the most novel work.  We have found that PhD physicists and biologists rather than medical doctors have developed many effective treatments.  Frequently, these scientists are using advanced physics-based systems that cure the disease without medicines or surgery.


Cancer is horrific and frightening.  Cancer horrifies and frightens with very good reason.  If a male is holding this paper, he has a one in two chance of developing cancer in his lifetime.  If the reader is female, she has a one in three chance.  Horror and fright aside, these harrowing statistics ought not leave any reader surprised that cancer is also a massive industry.  More than $25 billion alone will be spent this year worldwide on chemotherapy drugs and radiotherapy treatments, not including the monies paid to oncologists, their staffs, hospitals and researchers.  Innovative cures and low cost effective treatments threaten an industry that is self-perpetuating and that would lose billions of dollars if cures that do not use the industry products were widely used.  The NFAM is the first entity to begin the introduction of viable options to the present system and to penetrate the now impermeable walls of this protected, Goliath industry.

The Solution

There follows a program, in nine stages, designed for the review of entrepreneurs and medical professionals interested in learning more about what is possible in the treatment of cancer today.  As the globalization of medical information brings with it opportunities to make innovative advances quickly attainable, we see on the near horizon a new system that promises the first truly international approach to health care and treatment of diseases.  We propose a low cost approach to identifying the findings and making them available for the design of a new type of treatment facility that is unconventional, has enormously high cure rates and can be used in all nations, irrespective of their development level.  We believe that there are cures for cancer that can be administered in a low-cost, easily insured fashion that will ultimately alter the shape of cancer treatment internationally. We also believe that we can introduce this program in a comprehensive manner that will include support for education, prevention and wellness as a way of preventing cancer before it occurs.

Stage I

In this stage, we propose either the prospective study or retrospective study of treatments and practitioners that we believe are the most outstanding in the world. In each of these studies, we propose the design be done with the Foundation’s medical staff as Principal Investigator and with the studies validated by one of our current university partners,Columbia University,New YorkCity, or the George Washington University, Washington, DC.

Dr. Essaradi, Einhoven,Holland

Dr. Essaradi is a physicist who has been operating a small facility inHollandfor 12 years.  From his own design, he has developed a chamber that takes the negative free radicals and, through a frequency therapy, causes the body to eliminate the free radicals.  The chambers are in a pyramid form where a magnetic system is engaged and each treatment is complete in 45 minutes.  There is no surgery, no medication, no diet restrictions and simply amazing results.  Governmental authorities, the press and local authorities have harassed him.  Additionally, thieves have come intending to steal his system. We met with two individuals who had been given less than one month to live, having fully metastatic cancers, and both are living long beyond their prognosis.  One, by illustration, was an Olympic runner in the mid 1970’s who is running again completely cured of the disease.  He was diagnosed as terminal in 1988.

Dr. Hans Kempe, BadNauheim,Germany

Dr. Kempe is a physicist who approaches disease with a series of highly developed and powerful computer diagnostics and applications that treat neurological disorders, cardiovascular disorders and cancer.  Dr. Kempe has found the best avenue to treat these maladies is in finding the frequency of the cell membrane.  Through computer analysis, he is able to identify which cell membranes are low in energy, that is to say, sick cells.  His applications are done by correcting the frequency of the cells with eight highly powerful computers developed inSilicon Valley,California.  To date, his successes are astounding.

Dr. Gerd Hamer, (German MD)Malaga,Spain


Dr. Hamer treated more than 30,000 cancer patients inGermany,Austria, andSwitzerlandprior to being arrested inGermanyand, not charged with any crime, placed in a mental hospital and told to sign a statement that he would no longer treat patients and that his practice was erroneous.  He refused.  Given a weekend holiday, he fled toSpainwhere he lives and has a small practice.  Patients inGermanyhave protested and demanded his return.  The German government had him tried in absentia inFranceand found guilty there even though he has only been there on holiday. Dr. Hamer is interesting in many ways.  He is capable of looking at a random radiology scan of the brain and identifying from it the sex of the individual, the type of cancer the individual has and what has likely caused the cancer.  He treats many of his patients by identifying their “conflicts” that he identifies from his scan changes their diet, works psychologically with them, and in many cases has cured their cancer and in several cases similarly cured autism in children without standard medical intervention.  There are groups in Germany that have his charts and, if his data are proven correct, his adherents could bring a new, non-toxic and non-invasive treatment to the stage that has very high efficacy with very low cost.

Dr. Stanislav Burzynski,Houston,Texas,USA


His development and use of antineoplastins for neurological disorders has caused Dr. Burzynski to be hounded by the FDA and the US Government.  Limited in the scope of his practice only to persons who have been earlier treated and written off by the conventional community, Dr. Burzynski has had impressive success treating terminal patients, many of them children with brain tumors.  Given the reality that all of his patients arrive with compromised immune systems and advanced brain cancers, Dr. Burzynski has presented excellent cases documenting his success and his work.  Clinics inGermanyhave recently begun administering the antineoplastins to patients not previously treated.  This treatment could save thousands of lives, many of them children.


 Dr. Johanna Budwig, (The Black Forrest) Germany

 Dr. Budwig, now 92 years old, has PhD level credentials in chemistry, physics, biology and pharmacy and has been treating cancer since the 1950’s with great success.  She, too, has spent years in court defending her position against companies that opposed her practices.  Last year, burglars entered her home, tied her to a kitchen chair and through the night went through her house taking records and other documents from her home.  A neighbor found her the following day.

Dr. Budwig has completed extensive study on fats that are taken into the body and has developed a treatment plan for cancer that affects the mitochondria and replaces the energy in the cells that are being affected by the cancer.  She has outlined the Budwig diet for cancer treatment and has impressive cases with documented results. She includes organic diets and specific oils available throughout the western world. Again, this is a low cost and highly effective program.

Some Notes:

The National Foundation for Alternative Medicine believes that, if these practices were incorporated into one facility that would put the most effective treatments of cancer under one roof, at low cost and endorsed by the national health services and the insurance companies of all western governments.

There are a series of standard treatments that we do find as constants in the innovative treatment of cancer.  First, as the tumor is a symptom of a systemic disease, to treat only the tumor is to only treat the symptom and not the cause.  Successful practitioners are interested in treating causes.

Second, almost universally in the approaches we’ve seen, is a dictate to eat organically.  The herbicide and pesticides treatment of plants and the infiltration into the natural water supply are leading causes of the toxic conditions evident in the body of a person with cancer.

Third, the psychological and spiritual approaches must be included as a part of the cancer treatment process.  Persons who are treated successfully understand the need to do meditation, visualization, prayer, and relaxation techniques and so forth on a daily basis.

Fourth, there is a need for persons to be in environments where they go out of the hospital or treatment facility each day.  In beds, wheel chairs or ambulatory fashion, persons must spend a minimum of 30 minutes each day outside of the hospital or treatment facility in order to become well.  This calls for a different design of treatment facilities.

Fifth, individuals must detoxify the body.  With the liver and kidneys being overworked in filtering out dead or damaged cells, a detoxification of the body is essential to cancer therapy. This includes massage and hot water treatments to pull the toxins out of the skin, as well as colonics and nutritional programs.  The NFAM encourages individuals to continue their care with vitamins and supplemental support designed for the person.

Sixth, getting well and staying well includes changing the ways in which we have previously lived.  Stresses must be dealt with, life style changes must be made and holistic living must be practiced.

These six systems of treatment increase the likelihood of success of cancer being cured without fear of future recurrences.




Stage II


The Public Arena


The NFAM has developed a relationship with Paraview, Inc., aNew York Citybased company that locates media based outlets for the programs that it produces, generally for the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) networks, and with a series of cable channels.  The NFAM has initiated two discussions on ways to bring to the public in cohesive, non-threatening manner news of the information on alternative approaches to cancer that could be offered. These projects are:

1.)   Three one hour long documentaries designed for PBS– Each hour will be dedicated to treatments of cancer possibly in different parts of the world.  One hour will be dedicated toEurope, one hour to the Orient and one hour to theAmericas.  During these programs, three facilities would be reviewed, reported on and interviews would be conducted with both patients and physicians or treatment providers.  Internationally recognized songwriter Denise Rich has agreed to select the music for the production and to provide limited funding for start up costs.

2.)   A Discussion on Cancer – a British Broadcasting Corporation, BBC, series held inLondonin which conventional and alternative medical practitioners from around the world discuss their treatments and advocate for the standard of treatment they practice.  The forum would have a moderator with questions posed by medical journalists.  In cooperation with Paraview, this series would also be aired on television in theAmericas.

In addition to these discussions, following the findings ofColumbiaandGeorgeWashingtonUniversity, the Foundation proposes a media push on the talk show circuit with former Congressman Bedell and researchers to inform individuals that there are other options than chemotherapy and radiation.

Stage III

The Insurance Industry

The NFAM has initiated a relationship with American Specialty Health, an alternative medical provider inSan Diego,CA, that currently gives policy coverage to more than 70 health plans around theUSfor alternative and complementary services, including massage, acupuncture and chiropractic services. American Specialty Health has recently obtained coverage for all retired employees of theUSgovernment, making their total population coverage over 30 million.  The next arena of discovery will be how to include alternative therapies of degenerative of diseases as a part of that coverage.

The advantage here is that, through American Specialty Health, the NFAM is providing leadership in developing a system of alternative cancer treatment facilities that we believe will be made available to the persons under coverage in the future. Through this relationship, we have begun tours for the American Specialty Health leadership teams to facilities inEuropethat we believe have the best practices.  The next phase of discovery will be to invite key Blue Cross / Blue Shield medical directors and other representatives of insurance companies that we know to be friendly to alternative medical treatment to see some of the treatments being administered in the alternative treatment facilities.

To our knowledge, we are the only entity in the world taking this type of approach.  If our assumptions are correct, we believe that we can have at least 10 key insurance providers offering these services to their clients by early 2002.

However, to insure the success of this plan, funding will be required to support the travel and investigation of the insurance industry representatives.

Stage IV


A pivotal interest in cancer treatment is cancer prevention.  Through prevention education, we believe that we could inform individuals about ways of preventing cancer and other illnesses as well.  The NFAM will then design and implement treatment programs directed at the most vulnerable populations with children as the single highest category within the boundaries of that list.

The NFAM would like to test a theory that makes available to school dietitians and other health care providers a program titled the Three E program.  This program trains a team of nutritionally educated individuals on the nutritional relationships to cancer and teaches philosophies of food preparation that maintains health and reduces carcinogens.  These individuals go into the community and communicate the practices in pre-determined partnerships.

We believe that such an approach can be taken around the world and even those in poorer countries can be assisted in providing better nutritional support.  Within these parameters, we will form a relationship with “Save the Children,” a Canadian-based program led by Craig Keilburger that will take this approach into communities where educational models are being led by a group or partnerships.  “Save The Children,” in cooperation with the Oprah Winfrey Foundation, will build 50 schools in the poorest countries in the world.  We would like to augment their work by adding nutrition awareness to those in these school systems.

In this partnership, there is maximum benefit for minimal expense.

Stage V

Other Clinics to Visit

The NFAM plans visits to other facilities in the Orient,Southeast Asia,AustraliaandAfrica.  There is much to be learned from treatments found in these places and the needs of the people there will be incorporated into the findings of the Foundation. The critical nature of these visits cannot be over emphasized, since they permit the collection of new data, and perhaps more importantly, make it possible to find common connections between many, presently not connected scientists.

The NFAM makes site visits with physicians, medically trained staff, Foundation staff and translators when necessary.  Determinations on the processes of evaluation are made and funding sources secured to initiate the studies.  At this point we also record findings and evaluations for the medical board of the Foundation.

As but one example of the critical nature of our work, the Foundation recently learned through a colleague about a physicist inGermanydoing frequency therapy and work with free radicals.  A few weeks later we found a second physicist who is doing frequency therapy and working with free radicals employing a very similar theory, but a very different approach.  Since then, a third has been identified inGreeceand a fourth inFrance.  All are working on a similar model but in isolation from the others.

We believe that there are likely other places in the world not yet identified by the Foundation where like results can be identified.  It is essential for this research and development phase to be continued.

Stage VI

The Proposal – What we would like for you to consider.

The NFAM is positioning itself to identify partners to help in our work.  We propose identifying entrepreneurial leaders who have a desire to change the paradigms that medicine now operates under and bring significantly better health care models to the international population that are substantially more effective, less toxic and non-invasive, and that leave behind dependence on a pharmaceutical industry and unwarranted government regulation that serves the financial interest of a very few.

The Foundation would like to bring to the entrepreneurial community:

1.)   The most up-to-date information on treatments being administered around the world that is non-toxic, non-invasive and has equal to or better results than conventional / allopathic medicine.

2.)   The potential to introduce children and parents to health models that do not have residual lifetime effects.

3.)   A paradigm shift in the way children are taught to think about health and the implications of healthy living.

4.)   The avenues to review and substantiate claims through credible university relationships that will validate the claims made by practitioners around the world.

5.)   Models of health care that could be initiated to shape the best health care facilities in the world that would be cost effective and represent the deepest desires of the population.

6.)   The first world-class health care model taken from the best existing models in the international community.

7.)   Relationships with health care insurers that are predisposed to this type of medical treatment.

8.)   The opportunity to bring affordable health care to all persons in the West.

9.)   The opportunity to initiate health care models for the developing world that will not drain marginal resources and will save more lives.

10.) The opportunity to develop a paradigm shift in the focus of health care that          represents the next evolutionary stage in the delivery of health care to all, worldwide.

Stage VII

Areas of Interest

There are other areas of interest that we believe would benefit from our review and study.

1.)   There are a number of products that, because of their low cost, will not have profit margins similar to those seen in the ledgers of the pharmaceutical companies, but that are more medically promising than conventional drugs and have fewer side effects.  Because many of these products do not have sufficient capital behind them to bring them to market or to general public notice, sick people are being deprived of lines of potentially life saving products that require additional study, validation and market capitalization.  We have knowledge of numbers of these products.

2.)   There are a number of single modality treatments that are effective for minor illnesses.  The Foundation has had numerous conversations with individuals who have identified treatments for non-life threatening maladies that require review and study.  Some hold out enormous promise.  We propose having a division of the Foundation established that would review and make available these treatments in a clinical setting.

3.)   The Foundation continues to serve as consultant to health care facilities, making it a primary resource to identify the very best avenues for building model health care facilities around the world.  The Foundation would establish a center to study best models of practice and to design models to have such practices fully implemented.

Stage VIII

The Future

Our five-year goals:

The National Foundation for Alternative Medicine has taken the review of facilities, best practices and promising treatments to the point where entrepreneurs should become involved.  Facilities that have the potential for funding from insurance companies or other private resources should soon be constructed using the best models and practices from around the world as their prime-operating premise.  These facilities would be unique in that they would:

1.)   Represent new paradigm models of health care that, in their practice, would be generally non-invasive, non-toxic and not dependent on standard pharmaceuticals.  We believe the patients who enter this type of treatment facility will have a significantly better statistical average of survival than those in sterile, allopathic hospital environments.

2.)   This type of facility would be positioned to utilize co-opted space in some communities, making high cost construction models not necessary.

3.)   This type of facility would both heal and teach making today’s children healthier adults with a better understanding of health.

4.)   This type of facility would make it possible for the entrepreneur to hold critical patents prior to major industry claiming the treatments, and guard against the possibility of some of these patents being purchased by major industry only to keep them out of the public domain because of their low cost.

5.)   Chart the future direction of medicine and launch it into a culture now eerily dependent upon toxic drugs.


Section IX


The National Foundation for Alternative Medicine is the best and most complete resource in the world reviewing holistic and emerging models of treatments around the world.  This sort of review holds out fascinating possibilities, not least of which the commercial aspect.  This sort of review is the most critical piece to the puzzle of the next generation of health care.  It is now commercially viable.

The central issue is to identify the vehicle that will move these new models into mainstream culture by providing these services to all the sick of the world.  It is the desire of the Foundation to identify entrepreneurs who have an interest in investigating the new paradigm of health care, in working with insurance companies and who are likewise able and willing to withstand the pressure that will come from entrenched pharmaceutical industry interests.  Until health care if freed from the grips of that now-incumbent industry power, medical practice will be held captive to corporate greed.  We believe the time has now come to invite the most agile minds of our time to engage in an enterprise that will insure new hope for the ill, do justice for the dying, and restore to our world the integrity of healing while doing no harm.

You now know the idea of the future of medicine. The idea is clear enough.  Who will shape and configure the future is for our Foundation and the daring reader to best discern.   Join us on our vital quest.



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