Too Much Politics in American Life

Picture of campsite conservation

It seems to me that, what is oddly called “green energy policy” has, as with all things, become more of a political than a scientific or simply common sense artifact. The issue is not if some countries have strict policies of this sort while others do not–or if those policies “work”–whatsoever that might be deemed to mean–or do not. Rather, the issue is if or no these policies are worthwhile beyond merely as building blocks to political power for their adherents and the blowing up of those blocks by their detractors. I think that US is surely no more politically polarized now than in recent past–my awareness runs back to Jack Kennedy and a tad before– but I do think that many things –simple conservation and keeping the campsite tidy for example from my youth–have somehow become political “movements” to the point at which all aspects of life are now political. This is unfortunate because the Americans, quite understandably and quite laudeably, detest all politics and politicians and have no fondness either for the notion of turning every conceivable idea anyone concocts into a “political movement.”

Washington, DC

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