Advocate, advocate, advocate to have this bill passed now !!!!

Alexis de Tocqueville
Thinker and advocate

The President must call an emergency joint session of Congress and that joint session must agree, the day of the President’s address, these laws for him to sign that very day:

*A federal law that eliminates any and all corporate and other business taxes on commercial American flagged enterprises of all sizes for business conducted inside America.  Simultaneously, all capital expenses of business, to include plant building, research and development and shipping costs incurred by business, will be fully depreciable in the year they are incurred.

*A reciprocal law that all tax reduction benefits thus derived by business will be used exclusively to employ American workers inside America, working in American businesses and producing American products and services using American raw materials. All jobs now held off shore by American flagged companies must be brought home to America immediately.

Please see the following six part film respecting how to best pressure the politicians to do what we all want done:



Your help is needed to secure good jobs for all in America

Saint King Louis IX of France who devoted his life to good causes

I have written an article spelling out precisely how best to eradicate all unemployment and poverty in America quickly.  I ask that readers see the initial article



and watch the six episode film version of my speech which derives from that article and informs the viewer respecting how best to bring maximum pressure to bear on the politicians to do what we all want done immediately:

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