Advocate, advocate, advocate to have this bill passed now !!!!

Alexis de Tocqueville
Thinker and advocate

The President must call an emergency joint session of Congress and that joint session must agree, the day of the President’s address, these laws for him to sign that very day:

*A federal law that eliminates any and all corporate and other business taxes on commercial American flagged enterprises of all sizes for business conducted inside America.  Simultaneously, all capital expenses of business, to include plant building, research and development and shipping costs incurred by business, will be fully depreciable in the year they are incurred.

*A reciprocal law that all tax reduction benefits thus derived by business will be used exclusively to employ American workers inside America, working in American businesses and producing American products and services using American raw materials. All jobs now held off shore by American flagged companies must be brought home to America immediately.

Please see the following six part film respecting how to best pressure the politicians to do what we all want done:



2 thoughts on “Advocate, advocate, advocate to have this bill passed now !!!!

  1. share the wealth,paying your fair share,multicontinental businessesattacks on religious freedoms,shrinking middle class.all recipies for the destruction of the country. your essay reflects my views for some time.we must demand our leaders put this country first above all others. the problem is finding a leader that has the balls to do it!

    • thanks, rick–i have filmed a speech just yesterday that will be available on my site in a few days–this change can come and quickly if people have a goal–my bill–and are told how to pressure these guys during a general election–which i tell them how to in the speech–i need you–and everybody you know to watch this speech and get it out on every hot wire you have access to to bring massive pressure to pass this bill–the politicians are vulnerable now–they are up for election–the people need something specific to demand–i have given it to them and they need specific ideas as to how to apply pressure–I have given them that–pray to God it works and please get the word out on every hot wire you know–i think your son is in the computer enterprise–show him and your wife and family the speech when it is posted–the studio needs a day or 2–and then tell simply everybody about it–and get the word out–this bill must be passed before the elections after the election the politicians will go back to paying you no mind–but right now–particularly in tight races–they must pay attention–so the people have the 2 things they need–a simple demand–and the strategy and tactics to get the plan signed into law–everybody i talk to is all over this idea–let’s push it as hard as we can and turn this country around for good–God Bless–john

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