A little note today to friends Jacques, Christopher, Steve and Dan concerning the insatiable appetite of the American war machine

I’ve a somewhat different take on this how best to raise revenues business, kids.  The meter for the little yellow cabbie on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan alone is $6 trillion and ticking–$6 trillion–if you and your friends at the Times are genuinely in search of a large block of immediate additional funds–how about shutting down the war machine?

The war machine is immoral–but, hey– nobody cares about morality any more, now do they?–It’s all so old-fashioned–morality–

Herr Alfred Nobel buttered his toast building bombs and left behind a peace prize in his name.

so–let’s just close down the war machine for a strictly fiscal reason, that is, because we simply cannot afford to pay for the war machine.

In so doing, we can, at minimum, save–the betting of another $6 trillion on the next futile foreign war dance–see Syria, Iran et al–where plans to dance are being laid as I write this little note.

Consider, gentlemen, that we have already kissed goodbye $6 trillion on these two comparatively minor named misadventures with nothing to show for our investment dollar.  These goodbye kisses are, just as with a long gray line of other pointless, and ceaseless, war exercises since the end of The Second War, paid for with money coercively raised, derived and funded from and by taxes on the citizens who do not approve these hopeless military sorties.

This November, let’s elect some guys with sense enough to go out and pay the cab the full meter price, have the cabbie turn off the meter and drive away–as he is not needed here anymore.  When that little yellow cabbie pulls away, you young men will find you have ample money to fund all manner of American domestic initiatives and  programs to help the people of America to enjoy happy and healthy lives.

Pax Vobis–

John Begg



2 thoughts on “A little note today to friends Jacques, Christopher, Steve and Dan concerning the insatiable appetite of the American war machine

  1. We need to protect the U.S. instead of engaging in wars in the Middle East and policing the world. Republicans confuse policing the war and engaging in wars in the Middle East with U.S. security while all these items of diabolical Globalist foreign policy are about to prompt a land invasion of America, an invasion from which we are undefended.

    More information on the Israeli situation and the URL for a very informative article in the American Thinker:
    URL for Israeli claims they just completed testing their defense system:

    It is important that Republicans start to understand Israeli politics and defense before we get drawn into a conflict with China over this game. China is building oil refineries in Iran, and after everything else we have done to China, destroying those refineries looks like it would be the last straw.
    Netanyahu was engaged in violent saber rattling prior to the election. Next, Obama was re-elected and Hamas thought they had a wonderful opportunity – just what Israel wanted: ISRAEL NEEDED TO DRAW LIVE FIRE TO TEST THE NEW HALF OF ITS ARROW 5 DEFENSE SYSTEM, DUE IN TOTAL IN 2014. Israel always rattles its sabers to attract live fire for testing their defense systems. At the end of 2009, Israel loudly announced they were going to engage in a test of their new Iron Dome defense system, but when they actually announced the test in advance, they didn’t get missile fire. This time Israel did not announce a test, so they drew a lot of rocket and artillery fire from Hamas, just what Israel wanted. However, there is still a problem with complete testing because they only drew one missile, and it fell short – fell into the ocean. Now Israel has to come up with enough saber rattling to attract actual missile fire, not just rockets and mortars. If not before, at the end of 2014, look for a lot of saber rattling again from Israel because they will be testing their complete Arrow 5 Defense System at that time. At that point the Israelis will have overlap in their systems to compensate for a former small margin of error. The Israeli Defense Systems are on GPS, and they allow rockets, mortars, and missiles to fall in unpopulated areas because they do not want the expense of deploying anti-missiles at all incoming fire. The new Arrow 5 Defense System will target all incoming fire very close to launch. In other words, if Pakistan launches a nuke at Israel, Pakistan is likely to get the fallout, if not the full impact from their own nuke.

    Israel is becoming close to invulnerable. I wish I could say the same about the U.S. We do not have any of these Defense Systems – only ones against nukes, and all of the wars since the World War II A-Bombs have been land invasions. No country can afford to nuke another. Again, watch for another Israeli Defense System test at the end of 2014, if not before, you will be rewarded with another manufactured war.
    Keep the U.S. out of this conflict. Israel has everything very well in hand. Hamas has to be dumb as a rock to ever respond to Israel’s challenges as would the whole Middle East, even Pakistan. As Americans, we need to stop being dumb as rocks about Israel’s game. Israel is shortly to be a world power, and I predict it will get really aggressive.

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