Riding the wrong wave? Did Americans simply select the wrong sort of community organizer?

One fella’s drearily boring, insipidly academic, insufferably dull-witted, community organizing is another fella’s  giddily exhilarating, endlessly energizing, instantly motivating, community organizing.


Community organizing at Nuremberg, 1938–seemingly a very popular idea for many in a community wanting very much to be organized and to be told just what to do and lacking only a leader to organize them.  Not inspired by the idea of, and, on evidence, disinterested in, learning to, think for themselves, they found their leader, readily enough.

American public tempers, frayed to a startling, for myself disquieting and unprecedented degree, many write to me to say that post-election 2012 political dissatisfaction is down to America’s having simply picked the wrong sort of community organizer.  This old film from 1981 is making the rounds of the subterranean new media to substantiate that premise.




2 thoughts on “Riding the wrong wave? Did Americans simply select the wrong sort of community organizer?

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