Get ANGRY!! How to get the good life back in America

Get ANGRY!!  How to get the good life back in America

Malcolm X (ne Little) got angry and he got very specific. Anger, divorced of specific action to redress the wrong that caused the anger, is wasted energy.  Anger against wrongs is only of value if it proposes specific solutions to redress those wrongs.

My friend Rick Smith has a message here today that all of us need to hear to discern how we came to be where we are in our long-running American economic nightmare–and why we are there–watch and listen—this is very worthwhile.  This is actually helpful as opposed to listening to endless petty political posturing–which is worthless.

Some of Mr. Smith’s guests are fixated on taxes—specifically “tax fairness.”  What is needed is not fiddling the tax code—what is needed is JOBS!!  Good Jobs!!  I have a simple proposal to address the jobs issue that includes tax matters—but the singularly important message is that the most critical purpose of all government activity right now must be to get business into a position in which it must, via incentives, coercion, whatever needs to be done, in turn, get the people good jobs.

Mr. Smith and I are both old enough to remember when it was the standard practice for business to provide good retirement programs and free health care—that is needed again.  Demand that life again!!  We must demand a return to that time in which Americans were well provided for by their employers–to include free health care and company paid retirement programs.

Mr. Smith is very correct to say that there is great anger in America today but that the anger is generalized and people do not know what to demand because they do not understand precisely what they are angry about.  Smith tells us what to be angry about.  Listen to him.

I will tell you what to do with your anger.  Be angry about this: Your world has been destroyed over the past 40 years.  Listen to Mr. Smith and myself and let’s get angry together and demand specific things—let’s define our outrage, and then organize and find leaders with specific ideas to turn the clock back to the better times.  Politicians will not help us if we do not come together under a specific banner of demands. Get specific—and start demanding getting your good life back!!

Mr. Smith has delivered to us good reporting and  great history.  I have proposed a specific solution to move that history forward to incite action to solve the problem Smith identifies for people to rally around.  Anger must become specific not merely generalized.  My specifics as to how to best harness your anger to positive result are seen, in four parts, here:



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