Happily walk in beauty and follow the Light of Christmas Day if you seek Peace and Love.

Victor Marie Hugo, 1802-1895, master French writer, cautioned us to remember the Light leads to Beauty, man's singular treasure.

Victor Marie Hugo, 1802-1895, master French writer, cautioned us to remember that the Light  alone leads man to Beauty, man’s singular treasure.

To love beauty is to see light”. M. Victor Hugo

It is important in this Season of the Light that we all are careful not to destroy beauty–that which truly separates Man from lesser beings–beauty.  We thank M. Victor Marie Hugo for reminding us of this in today’s reading.

Things looked very bleak at Paris, Christmas 1942, but the French held tight to beauty and the Light and the days of champagne returned to them. To those at Washington who, now 70 years on from captive Paris, Christmas Day, 2012, might despair of their own captivity, let them take heart from the French and the Frenchman, M. Hugo, who writes us that love of beauty is to see Light.

With prayer, determination and courage beauty and Light will return to Washington and to America as well.  Regaining freedom was not easy for the French in the War, nor will it be for the Americans today.

Recall always that which is worthwhile, beneficent, equitable, pleasing to God and just is never easy.  The way out of the darkness is to follow the light of beauty.  Beauty is the light that will lead us out of the darkness, as beauty has throughout man’s history.

The Peace of Christmas is perfect beauty and it comes to us from a Light far, far above us, from one who reigns far, far above us and all our tin god pretenders and His reign is forever and ever.

Official Washington, now a thoroughly corrupt and pagan place, can never know the light and the beauty of Christmas Day.  The city herself is captive of pagans.  But her people can see beauty through their tears at Christmas.  And all the Americans who desire the freedom that comes with that light and that beauty, can as well.  Be uplifted.  Be of good cheer.  God, Whose Power transcends all others has sent you His Light and His beauty to make you peaceful, happy and courageous this Christmas Day.

Follow that Light all your days, see beauty and be filled of joy!!



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