How can anyone possibly question the existence of God Jesus?


Ava Lavinia Gardner (December 24, 1922 – January 25, 1990).

“Because I was promoted as a sort of siren and played all those sexy broads, people made the mistake of thinking I was like that off the screen. They couldn’t have been more wrong.” Ava Gardner


How can anyone possibly question the existence of God Jesus?  A defense of Him and of the beauty of His Creation follows now in brief.

Now and again, a petulant series of questions from life’s riffraff, pagans and Pharisees, certain of the latter-day Americans and the High Priests is put to me: “John Daniel Begg, in open, public court, how can you prove that God exists, and that all beauty of earth and heaven is His Dominion and that He intends His Children to live with Him forever and ever in His New Garden of Eden?”

We have heard far well enough, in the press and on the television, far more than enough of the case for the prosecution that man is become, in man’s feckless, raging and boisterous vanity, man, made God Himself, and that men such as I who hold that God alone rules in heaven and on earth and creates all beauty, are simply antediluvian, antique, out-of-date and heretical and, worse still, a dangerous alien threat in the new secular order of things called by man, his progressive modernity.

Now, then, is the turn of the defense for God and His Creations and of His Kingdom of hereafter.

I now appear in this open court of mortal man, unlettered in formal Law, to appear pro se in the case for the defense of the existence of God and His named creations.

I present to the court but one exhibit: one Miss Ava Lavinia Gardner, shown at caption.

I ask the atheists: “How can anyone possibly question the existence of God Jesus?”

I ask them:  “How can anyone possibly question that He created a beautiful world for us filled with wondrous beauty herself, designed to remind us of His Paradise to come?”

I ask them: “How can anyone possibly question the existence of the afterlife with God Jesus, in His New Garden of Eden, surrounded by beauty incomprehensible?”

I state our case affirmative for God and His Creations, comme ca:

I offer as evidence, case prima facie, and though there be blind, sightless ones, present in the court, a beauty that the blind themselves can see: Miss Ava Gardner.

I offer that Miss Ava Gardner is proof irrefutable and self-manifest of the existence of a Supreme God.

I offer that Ava Gardner in the flesh represents my case, res ipsa, that God created for His Children Beauty on earth incomprehensible.

I offer as case irrefutable the evidence of the Life Hereafter with Him in His New Garden Eden:  Miss Ava Gardner.

Having presented this case in the defense of the certain existence of God, of His Gifts of Beauty irrefutable, of His certain Afterlife in His New Garden, Eden, filled solely there with wondrous beauty and happiness, I stand sanguine of victory in the court of The Church and of the public.

The defense now rests.

I now rest.  Surrounded by God’s Beauty, I await the disposition of this, my case for the defense, in the happy knowledge that I walk in Beauty and that I am not alone.

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Knowing that I defend a just cause, I await the jury with my co-counsel, Ava Lavinia.


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