Off our Rockers!!`~~~ We happily visit a wonderful New Curiosity shop~~~~filled with young American artisans whose passion is their work~~whose work is their passion!!!


Lovey and I arrive at the 31st annual Smithsonian Craft Show at the National Building Museum at Washington.

The Smithsonian Craft Show at the National Building Museum 25th to 28th April, 2013, so, so briefly with us,  is a must see.


Mr. George Pearlman

Saint George Pottery

Saint George, ME

Phone:  207-372-9671

Mr. Pearlman has some magnificent pottery on display at the Craft Fair!

The remarkable exhibition reminds us that there are Americans doing useful and productive work altogether unrelated to politics, war, terror and the other, related lunacies, of our era.


Lovey and I have found our seats for the show~~such comfort and relaxation–off our rockers are we!!


The rocker man himself:

Mr. Joe Graham

Jefferson, OH


Get off your rocker and call Joe Graham and buy a couple!!

The, now, once more,  fully mobile, New American Work World Project here progresses this day to a place, in which, people actually do things of consequence with their days and create beauty with their hands.

This continues our saga of discovery as to how the Americans, always a self-sufficient lot, are most diligently finding new, and beautiful, ways to make a living despite the continuing fallout from the economic mayhem unleashed by the Great Panic of 2008~~and finding happiness in the process!!

Bravo, Americans!!

The Smithsonian Craft Show at the National Building Museum 25th to 28th April, 2013 at Washington, takes visitors on a visit of over 120 exhibit booths, in which are found crafts and hand-made creations that  are an inspiration in our world of  habituating synthetic communications that so lacks the real, the tactile and the functional.



Miss Nebiur Arellano

Bethesda, MD


Nebiur creates beautiful decorative fibers, some of which were on display.  Very remarkable!!

I understand from a girlfriend at the IRS who is well in a position to well know, that more and more Americans are self-employed.  Doing what, she has wondered?  I had no answer until today.  Now I know.  Many are doing marvelous and creative things with their days, making things of beauty, functionality and grace.


image008 (3)

Mr. David Bryce~~~above

Fly Creek Studio

Great Barrington, MA


Very interesting ceramics~~well done!

More remarkable yet, all these artisans at the Craft Show, seen happy!!  How many people in America are happy in their daily enterprise?  I suspect we visited with a fair degree of the total percentage of those who are happy at Washington that day at the Craft Show.  Washington men are not happy.  These artisans are happy~~their happiness was palpable!!!

image006 (6)

image007 (4)

Life with the gourds~~a fascination!!

Steven & Maribeth Radtke

Vincent Vangourd

Monroe, GA


I assure you categorically that nobody else at Washington enjoys their work.  We have touched on this before~~if you do that which you love, you have added 5 extra days to your week.  Love is never work.  A job is never love.  Seek out your passion, your love~~ and you won’t ever work again. Most impressive of all in our visit was to see that happiness and fervor their work arouses in the artisans.

image001 (24)

Beautiful ceramics with an Asian twist!

Mr. Cliff Lee

Lee Gallery

Stevens, PA


They are Happy!!  Jesus Lord above!!

These exhibitions have been going on for 31 years and, until today, were unknown to us.  If you cannot see this year’s show, please make note to see the show next Spring.


 The man from ME, George Pearlman and his pottery!!~~above

Mr. George Pearlman

Saint George Pottery

Saint George, ME

Phone:  207-372-9671



Mr. Greg Klassen~~just above

Furniture maker extraordinaire!!  Remarkable young man~~marvelous furniture~~Greg drove out with his precious cargo~to include a young daughter~~from Seattle for the show!!

Lyden, WA



 image005 (6)

Eric Serritella~~unique ceramics~~Trompe L’oeil~~Eric fools the eye with pieces that are made of ceramics yet look like natural wood~~Lovey and I had our eyes fooled~~and pleased!!~~just above and below….

Mr. Eric Serritella

Carrboro, NC


image006 (5)



Miss Lucy Dierks~fine porcelains of interest–above

Norfolk, VA


image002 (15)

Mr. Michael Mikula~~Magical Glass works!!~~above

M.J. Mikula Glass

Cleveland, OH



Bravo, Americans!!

The Smithsonian Craft Show at the National Building Museum 25th to 28th April, 2013, so briefly with us, is a must, must see.


Lovey finds~~love herself~~and hats~~ at the show~~courtesy of a most  talented hatter, Mr. Ignatius Creegan.  Meanwhile, Mr. Ignatius Creegan and I discuss hatting, those mischievous Jesuits, and his ambitious expansion plans~~to include men’s hatting!!  In three shots above.

Ignatius Creegan & Rod Givens

Ignatius Hats

Pertersburg, VA



Fascinating Jewelry made~~of gold and iron!!

Pat Flynn

High Falls, NY



Mrs. Jenifer Green of Jenifer and Don Green~~furniture makers–superlatives~~and beeswax candles!! ~~Above directly and below.

Jennifer and Don Green

Delhi, NY


image007 (2)



Mr. Tim Arnold–pictured just above twice times–Nashville Woodman sans pareil~~~who was showing a collection of Shaker boxes~~ Mr. Arnold very well knows the difference between pure homemade white and impure store-bought brown~~but wonders~~aloud~~how I do~~my being nothing but~~very obvious~~Yankee.

Mr. Tim Arnold

Saw Dust Company

Nashville, TN




We, very unhappily,  bid Mr. George Pearlman of Saint George, ME, goodnight and good luck with his superlative pottery enterprise.

Lovey and I are most edified to be able to step into the Building Museum and find~~not historical relics~~but rather live Americans, busy as bees making beautiful things with their hands and removed altogether from the madness of Washington, in most particular, and of electronic modernity, in general.  These guys actually do something with their days~~something that matters.  We both admire and envy them!!

There are many more artisans to see and stories to hear at the Show~~go and see them~~go and hear them.  Sites of baskets, glass works and rugs.  Our day was full and our tummies empty, as we did not even stop for lunch, we were so enthralled with our visitation!!

Rejoice and Glad!!



John Daniel Begg


Washington DC

Thursday, 25th April, Anno Domini Nostri Iesu Christi, 2013


BYE..BUT.. FOR..NOW…Mr.  JOE GRAHAM–we are going to buy 2 of these magic ROCKERS!!

We, reluctantly, bid the rocker man, Mr. Joe Graham, and the craft show, adieu.

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