A message from Holy Mother Dolores Hart~~on The Mother’s Day~~One cannot place The Call UP oneself, but one must answer, and heed, The Call UP oneself~~~if, and when, it comes from~~GOD ABOVE.


~~Party Line~~

As a young girl, Miss Dolores Hart had what was then called a party line~~a phone shared by more than one party~~and, as with many then on party lines~~there became two Dolores Harts.Image

One young girl dreams of starring in the moving pictures….

One on the party line, a young girl, thirsty for the glare of Hollywood, Miss Dolores Hart wanted so much to be famous in the moving pictures business~~and for a time, she was in Hollywood Heaven~~


Shadow dancing~~Dolores finds her King~~for a day~~and lived a Queen with him for a brief time~~in the midst of~~


~~Where the girls were, 1960~~Dolores, in white blouse, second left, is all atwitter as~~

Where the Boys Are was a stroke of luck career-wise for Dolores Hart. It was MGM’s highest grossing movie for 1960, and the bond that formed between she and her co-stars surprised Dolores.

There was~~soon to follow, a far, far more remarkable~~and mystical~~surprise for our girl~~


…A Call Up from The King Of Kings~~our girl answered the party line one day and~~hey presto~~ found~~that she’d …been called by a Higher King~~the Highest of All~~and Dolores put her ear to His Heart.

Dolores did not want to heed that CALL UP~~as it clashed with her dreams ~~~~but she’d heard a very different bell ring for her~~and she answered it, as all those for whom that bell rings must do~~and Miss Dolores Hart abandoned her mundane dreams of celluloid adventure for a far, far, greater beckoning.

Also on the party line~~another Miss Delores Hart~~who became a contemplative Holy Sister and Holy Mother Dolores Hart~~the other Dolores Hart~~same girl~~but now of far different habit~~ who heeded a very special, divine call, one day and followed its commandments.

As do many today, Miss Dolores Hart~~Mother Dolores Hart, Holy Nun of God~~has a Face-Book page.  Please visit her there~~read and listen to her story and wonder~~at the ways of Jesus on the party line~~now~~

Go now, then, children, to Mother’s Face-Book page and~~as they now do at the City of Rome~~check the box to like her little page~~for there is peace to be found on Mother’s little page~~and, its peace is magical in our sad world, cast adrift as it now is, of magical peace.



Listen to her little story~~a girl headed up the ladder to the top of tinsel town, who took her last limousine ride to a nunnery and never left–a remarkable story~~





Rejoice and Glad!!



John Daniel Begg


Washington DC

Monday, 13th Mai, Anno Domini Nostri Iesu Christi, 2013


Dolores, here very young, came to find that in Her Father’s House, there are many Kingdoms~~and many callings~~her Call UP was very special~~and she heeded that Call Up~~from Her Father in Heaven.

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