Gatsby~~The VII~~The morning coffee klatch heartily recommends seeing this film as an American duty patriotic~~suitable for all ages of normal Americans of red blood. BRAVO!!

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The American librarian class and faux communist newspaper movie reviewers are not enchanted by Gatsby and his ostentatious displays of American wealth, sloppily acquired.  Many I know say today that “my signature color is black.”  How original, dears~~that must have taken some contemplation.   We adore pink ourselves here at the klatch–and wear it like a flower on a coat~~often as possible~~we are not sure we could bring off a pink suit, but hat’s off here to Mr. Redford in the attempt~~as he plays Gatsby.~~at right.



 (L-r) Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby and Tobey Maguire as Nick Carraway in Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Village Roadshow Pictures’ drama “THE GREAT GATSBY,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release.  Photo by Mary Ellen Mark~~Read more:

Scott Fitzgerald shown below with, what passed for, his family~~before he fell head over for the girl who don’t talk back~~liquor by the drink.


That’s Zelda Fitzgerald-right — named “America’s first flapper” by her husband and acclaimed novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald. The iconic woman is photographed here with F. Scott along with their daughter Frances “Scottie” Fitzgerald. (photo:  Read more:

Scott Fitzgerald was a reasonably talented writer who managed being the quintessential American novelist and his work, The Great Gatsby, is the quintessential American novel.  There is little not in the book that one need know of the Americans.

We ask~~why then, is Gatsby so critically panned~~times now seven times~~ by the librarian class?  Librarians mutter that there “is nothing to this book~~beyond money and ostentatious display!”

But girls, girls~~that is what America is~~money, quickly, and sloppily acquired, and its ostentatious display~~that is America.

Despite what school marms might tell you~~the story of Gatsby is the story of the Americans~~a people insatiably thirsty for more money than they can count and an opulence that Kings would envy.

Willy Maugham, a writer more adroit than myself or even our thirsty Scotty, said of the Americans~~ “The Americans are so terribly successful principally because they know who they are~~something most people do not know~~the Americans are a people feverishly devoted to the twin lusts of~~~ big business and fornication~~and very, very little else.”


~~Pretty in pink~~

The Brooks Brothers clothing store, owned by a man from Milano~~Mi mummy’s home!!~~from where else, we ask, could he hail??–took a flyer a few years back and plunked down $300 millions of his own green energy for a store thought then stodgy and at death’s door, upon the sage premise that dressing up for business would return after the plague of “smart causal”~~what the devil does that even mean~~”smart casual??”~~had breathed its loathsome last~~seeks to capitalize–HOORAY!! on the newest Gatsby with a clothing line in his name.

Over-due books and ~~~Brazen Capitalists~~scruffy moving pictures reviewers and wall-flower librarians don’t like this sort of guy at all~~

360_del_vecchio_itl (1)

Claudio Del Vecchio, owner of Brooks Brothers



~~The closer he gets~~the librarians  just don’t know what to think here~~

Lovey protests no longer that I do not go to the American moving pictures~~she’s given up and goes with her girlfriends instead.  Lovey tells me that the last movie we saw together at cinema was Sea of Love~~and that my singular motivation in going to that otherwise completely forgettable film was down to my captivation with Ellen Barkin’s bottom~~an astounding foundation that, then, worthy of Michael Angelo Buonarroti-Simoni~~another pisano, thank you, Jesus~~still imprinted vividly on my mind~~although Lovey adds here~~cattily~~and most unlike her~~ “that girl used a body double in those scenes you remember most.”  Girls, girls~~give peace a chance.

I am told that movie reviewers dislike this, seventh, take on Gatsby now at the moving pictures shows around the nation~~and this is no surprise~~movie reviewers have never liked any iteration of Gatsby.

On blush first, this disdain of a very simple story of the Americans and their dreams is inscrutable until one reckons~~and most correctly so~~that movie reviewers are both ill-paid and scruffy employees of American newspaper houses that affect a sort of fake communism in their politics that just doesn’t fit with Gatsby.

We’ve always been amused by rich communists here at the coffee klatch.  The more left we find a man, the more ardently he worships at his secret altar rail to money.

Alongside a dreary fake communism, now fully run its day, thank Jesus, there is additionally among the Americans today an idol worship of the badly dressed that is a nick or two below a religion in its fervor.

Lovey thinks it necessary to teach me as to why girls at city dress always as though they are nuns or prisoners–in darkest black and in pants suits~~but I already know~~they think it makes them look slim~~but–so sorry girls~~it just doesn’t work.

Really sorry girls–here’s a hint–God gave us colors, free to use–employ them to your advantage.  If you want to catch a boy~~and you do~~and I know that’s dicey here in city–go to a gymnasium~~and afterwards–wear–colors–like a rainbow!!

Boys too today in America fall for a scruffy sort of dress that is remarkably disagreeable.  One such habit is to wear dress shirts not tucked in–even when wearing sports coats.  Lovey assures that this affectation is now simply faddish habit but had its genesis in boys also wanting to look slim when they are not~~but again~~it just doesn’t work.  Sorry, guys.  Fellas–Go to a gymnasium too–to banish that pinch or two of excess fat~~and maybe~~you’ll meet a newly~toned up girl!!

So~~you have now our very first movie review done~~to recapitulate~~

~~Gatsby~~Take Seven~~That thing about a boy in a pink suit~~and that whole nakedly, unashamedly, opulent style of life~~the American librarian class just don’t like it~~oh NO!!

These other things taken together, the American newspapers’ filtering any and all through the glass of fake communism and the collapse of all semblance of capacity to understand what to be well dressed means, conspire to make selling Gatsby today, this seventh time ’round a tough sled indeed.  Very Tough.

This all remains an oddity as Gatsby stands still as the quintessential American novel about the Americans.  Despite what the television might put on, and politicians might posture, and  dreary newspapers might pontificate, the Americans love money~~adore it~~ in all its glaring, ostentatious, display and even its gaudy gaucherie..

Gatsby gets panned because newspaper reviewers and the librarian class hate the Americans.

We at the coffee klatch think it an American duty patriotic to see Gatsby the VII~~if for no other reason than to annoy and vex the librarian and fake communist newspaper moving pictures reviewing squads whom we all so love to irritate.

 ~~La Fin~~

Rejoice and Glad!!



John Daniel Begg



Thursday, 16th Mai, Anno Domini Nostri Iesu Christi, 2013


~~In The Pink~~

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