A message from Holy Mother Dolores Hart~~on The Mother’s Day~~One cannot place The Call UP oneself, but one must answer, and heed, The Call UP oneself~~~if, and when, it comes from~~GOD ABOVE.


~~Party Line~~

As a young girl, Miss Dolores Hart had what was then called a party line~~a phone shared by more than one party~~and, as with many then on party lines~~there became two Dolores Harts.Image

One young girl dreams of starring in the moving pictures….

One on the party line, a young girl, thirsty for the glare of Hollywood, Miss Dolores Hart wanted so much to be famous in the moving pictures business~~and for a time, she was in Hollywood Heaven~~


Shadow dancing~~Dolores finds her King~~for a day~~and lived a Queen with him for a brief time~~in the midst of~~


~~Where the girls were, 1960~~Dolores, in white blouse, second left, is all atwitter as~~

Where the Boys Are was a stroke of luck career-wise for Dolores Hart. It was MGM’s highest grossing movie for 1960, and the bond that formed between she and her co-stars surprised Dolores.

There was~~soon to follow, a far, far more remarkable~~and mystical~~surprise for our girl~~


…A Call Up from The King Of Kings~~our girl answered the party line one day and~~hey presto~~ found~~that she’d …been called by a Higher King~~the Highest of All~~and Dolores put her ear to His Heart.

Dolores did not want to heed that CALL UP~~as it clashed with her dreams ~~~~but she’d heard a very different bell ring for her~~and she answered it, as all those for whom that bell rings must do~~and Miss Dolores Hart abandoned her mundane dreams of celluloid adventure for a far, far, greater beckoning.

Also on the party line~~another Miss Delores Hart~~who became a contemplative Holy Sister and Holy Mother Dolores Hart~~the other Dolores Hart~~same girl~~but now of far different habit~~ who heeded a very special, divine call, one day and followed its commandments.

As do many today, Miss Dolores Hart~~Mother Dolores Hart, Holy Nun of God~~has a Face-Book page.  Please visit her there~~read and listen to her story and wonder~~at the ways of Jesus on the party line~~now~~

Go now, then, children, to Mother’s Face-Book page and~~as they now do at the City of Rome~~check the box to like her little page~~for there is peace to be found on Mother’s little page~~and, its peace is magical in our sad world, cast adrift as it now is, of magical peace.



Listen to her little story~~a girl headed up the ladder to the top of tinsel town, who took her last limousine ride to a nunnery and never left–a remarkable story~~





Rejoice and Glad!!



John Daniel Begg


Washington DC

Monday, 13th Mai, Anno Domini Nostri Iesu Christi, 2013


Dolores, here very young, came to find that in Her Father’s House, there are many Kingdoms~~and many callings~~her Call UP was very special~~and she heeded that Call Up~~from Her Father in Heaven.

The glass of morning is unforgiving. The assiduous Mr. James Clifton, of Mr. George Gallup’s Poll, steps in for a chat. Political ROVISM is explained to a perplexed, nay, Sir, incredulous, Mr. Clifton by members of our little coffee klatch.




~The Glass of Morning is unforgiving~~try as you like, smile as you like, youth flees, mixed memories alone remain.~~~ROVISM stands now, triumphant~~in full flower.

Photo credits: Mr. Thomas Hussey



1935: The Founding Philosophy of Dr George Gallup:

Photo of Dr. Gallup

Dr. George Gallup

As a pioneering pollster, company founder Dr. George Gallup determined that in seeking the truth, that is, the actual “will” of the people, his guiding principle would be independence. To ensure his independence, and therefore his objectivity, Dr. Gallup resolved that he would undertake no polling that was paid for or sponsored in any way by special interest groups such as the Republican and Democratic parties. Adhering to this principle, Gallup has turned down thousands of requests for surveys from organizations representing every shade of the political spectrum and with every kind of special agenda.

Dr. George Gallup trained his men to be assiduously non-sectarian.  Today, his successor at the helm of Gallup, Mr. James Clifton, strictly adheres to the founder’s assiduous impartiality.  Today, Mr. Clifton visits us and has this to say about the current state of political affairs in America.  We thank him for coming and for his interesting observations.

*************We commence now to quote Mr. James Clifton of Gallup and do so until noted by us otherwise****************


Is America In Permanent Decline?


Mr. James Clifton

CEO at Gallup

During a recent interview with a big Los Angeles-area newspaper, a reporter asked me, “Is America now in permanent decline?”

My answer was, “No.” Our country is not in permanent decline. But I’m concerned that our leadership is.

Actually, our leadership in Washington is failing miserably, and there’s little evidence they’re turning it around. Unemployment remains high and is basically stuck there, and GDP is growing at a pathetic 1% — so the country is failing on two of the most important economic metrics. The number of new business startups is alarmingly low, and the pace of startups is the one metric that foretells the rise or fall of America.

Here’s the problem: The very survival of America depends on job growth and GDP. But what are the White House, Congress, and all of the media and talking heads focusing on? Guns, immigration reform, and foreign affairs. Bluntly, none of these issues have much to do with the core drivers or root causes of America’s potential decline.

Worse, Washington and the media are totally out of touch with the public: When Gallup asked U.S. citizens to name the country’s most important problem, the top-of-mind answers were overwhelmingly either the economy in general or unemployment and jobs — 42% between the two responses. Just a paltry 4% named guns as the top problem, and another 4% said immigration. You read that right. And foreign affairs, namely concerns about North Korea, foreign aid, and “focus overseas” came in at 6% total.

What’s more, the vast majority of Americans want Congress and the president to prioritize jobs and the economy.

It’s no wonder. Nearly 20% of U.S. workers say it is “very likely” or “fairly likely” they will lose their job or be laid off in the next year, more than said so prior to the 2008 economic downturn. And more than two in five U.S. workers say that if they were to lose their job, they could go no more than one month before experiencing significant financial hardship.

Interestingly, the third-most important problem was “dissatisfaction with government” (16%). There’s a message in that finding. Our leaders are spending their time on the wrong things. When leaders have their priorities and basic assumptions wrong about what needs to be fixed, the more they lead, the worse things get.

Our founder, Dr. George Gallup, a man with a great sense of mission about democracy, understood this. He said, “If democracy is about the will of the people — then somebody should go find out what that will is.” While he didn’t say, “…and leaders should vote that will in Congress,” he did believe that leaders should be in touch with what 300 million American citizens want and need.

I’m worried right now. On a recent plane trip, I had time to read The Wall Street JournalThe New York Times, and The Washington Post in more depth than usual. This was an eye-opening experience. Turning page after page of all three great papers, I could barely find an article that addressed the current will of the people: jobs and the economy. There was plenty to read about immigration, even though as many Mexicans are now crossing the border back to home as are coming into the U.S. Plenty of articles on guns, even though the homicide rate in America is at a staggering 50-year low. And, of course, much on North Korea and Syria, neither of which has to do with America’s most pressing problems right now.

Washington politicians and media: We have a problem. The country’s citizens are on one page and you’re on another. You all had better get back fast to jobs, jobs, jobs, because if you don’t, the answer to the question, “Is America now in permanent decline?” will become a deadly “Yes.”


*************We cease now to quote Mr. James Clifton of Gallup and thank him very much for stopping by today.****************

We have today gone to some lengths to explain to our guest, the assiduous Mr. James Clifton, that the elections of 2012 represented the complete political acceptance and dominance of ROVISM~~an attitude and a political practicum unknown to Mr. George Gallup~~perplexing to Mr. James Clifton~~and little noted outside the confines of our morning coffee klatch here.~~as, after all, we thought up the name of it~~ROVISM.

Karl Rove is unknown to the Americans.  Unknown though he maybe to the Americans, Mr. Rove is, nevertheless, the one who gave the Americans young Mr. Bush and his successor~~both twice times.

How so, Sir?

Here so, Sir.

ROVISM~~doesn’t quite meet the standards of being a philosophy~~but is rather a political attitude~~one that is now biblical, nay, Sir~~A Code Of Canon Law~~in both American political parties.

Both, Sir?

Yes, Sir.  Both.

ROVISM began in Texas when Young Bush chanced a meeting with Karl Rove and took him on to run his race for Texas Governor.  The precepts are very simple~~and they formed the basis of the founding conversation that was, in itself, the founding of ROVISM:

“It’s a 50+1 game, kiddo.”

“Which is, Sir?’

“Politics is , Sir.”


“Yes–and–you get to 50+1, by getting as many people as possible to hate you.”

“Hate me, Sir?”

“Aye, Sir~~despise and hate, Sir.”

“Explain, please, Sir”

“Gladly, Sir, closely attend”~~~

“Most American politics has, erroneously, been predicated upon getting more than a a majority of the Americans to like, or at least, not despise and detest, a particular politician.”


“Oh, yes”~~

“And, plus which, you see, Sir, the real game today is to engender pure and implacable hatred in a core group of Americans that, in its’ own turn, is implacably hated by a slightly larger group of Americans.”

“I didn’t know that, Sir!”

“Yes, well–now you do, Sir!”

“You see Sir~~the trick is to concentrate on getting the ones who hate you to really hate you~~so that the ones who hate those who hate you will endorse you to punish the ones they themselves hate.  You see, it’s not about you at all, Sir?”

“Did my Dad do this?”

“No, Sir, I just thought it up.”

“It sounds awful confusing to me, Sir.”

“It’s real easy, Sir~~leave it all to me.”

So began, innocently, nay, Sir, accidentally, enough, ROVISM.  If, as with many others who have come to the coffee klatch perplexed, bothered and bewildered as to election outcomes since the wholesale adoption of the dictates of ROVISM in all of American politics, you now know the what-what.  Wee Luckies!!

When you ask how the last 2 Presidents standing for re-election, despite their being rabidly detested by a large majority of the population, nonetheless won re-election, now you know the what-what.

ROVISM by now is Words Sacred from the Mountain Top. Commandments.  Political Scripture.  Immutable Political Code of Cannon Law.

ONE wins election by contriving to raise the basest of hatreds in the electorate~so that the OTHER ONES~~who hate the incensed ones~~themselves become incensed enough to vote for you. That’s it~~that’s all it is~~a 50+1 game predicated upon fanning hatred.

If this all sounds a rather crude way to run the American democratic republic~~you are not alone here in the morning klatch.

I know for a fact that Mr. George Gallup’s very able successor, Mr. James Clifton, our guest today, was aggrieved to find~~as very likely would be old Mr. Gallup himself~~yes, both would be sorely aggrieved to learn~~ that the reason that politicians and their handmaidens in Washington estate fourth have absolutely no interest in what the Americans think or want is down to  ROVISM triumphant!!

That said~~get well used to it, Sirs~~it is here to stay.

ROVISM is here to stay and we now know why~~

It’s here to stay because IT WORKS!!~~both sides brag on the, admittedly most remarkable, success of it.

When you look at the glass tomorrow morning, expecting your old, weathered face~~discover instead peppy youth~~discover the peppy youth of ROVISM~~now transcendent.

My dears, ROVISM thus explained, works and it is not going anywhere until it stops working and that will be a long, long time.

There is no deception in the glass of morning~~what you see there~~ is there.

Its name is ROVISM~learn to love its face in the glass.  You haven’t a choice, you see.

You see, dears, you see Mr Clifton, you see all others~~politics is now fully divorced of what the people think or desire~~in fact~~utterly ignoring what the Americans think and want is the path to political victory.  It’s the path to fanning hatreds~~and to VICTORY!!



John Daniel Begg


Washington DC

Thursday, 9th Mai, Anno Domini Nostri Iesu Christi, 2013


~The Glass of Morning is unforgiving~

Photo credit: Mr. Thomas Hussey


ORB~~now here’s won for the Aristos!!! BLOOD WILL OUT!!


May 4, 2013: Joel Rosario rides Orb to win the 139th Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Ky. (AP)

ORB~~picked the right Papa~~and here~~Wins the Kentucky Derby May 4, 2013 for his Phipps & Janney Family connections:

Trainer: Claude R. McGaughey III  Jockey: Joel Rosario Owner: Janney, III, Stuart S. and Phipps Stable Breeder: Stuart S. Janney, III LLC & Phipps Stable

 Orb’s immediate Bloodlines:

Orb~Malibu Moon~A.P. Indy~Macoumba~Lady Liberty~Unbridled~Mesabi Maiden

For the unanointed, that’s some, VERY, pricey blood..

And, in case you have come delusional and think we are a democracy~~blood will out~~watch it flow:



The first cousins Phipps, (left above) enjoy the roses and dream of a note,  now yellowing with antiquity, from old Uncle Henry~~he of Carnegie Steel and Henry Phipps and the Bessemer Trust~~Photo AP

Phipps family bloodlines~~and yours~~well now~~as you wander through life, aimlessly bumping into other people’s furniture,  wondering now and then if there is something going on out there that nobody ever bothered to tell you about~~well~~you guessed right–THERE IS!!~~and you picked wrong~~the wrong Papa.


Henry, who?

Come now, dears~~didn’t you get a note handed down from your granddaddy, his own handed him,  from old Henry?

You didn’t?  How come?

You’re back to doing it again~~picking the wrong Papa~~someday you’ll regret doing that~~it’s really a terrible habit~~picking wrong Papa.

Had you instead been a bright lad and picked the right Papa~~these would have been your own bloodlines:

The Bessemer Trust, long feeding, and yet still feeding, baby Phipps heirs~~and their racing horses~~was created with this note~~comme ca:


June 16, 1911

My dear Hal,
I have today transferred to your name two million dollars $2,000,000 in bonds and two
million dollars $2,000,000 in stock of the Bessemer Investment Company which I wish you
to regard as a trust from me for the benefit of yourself and your children after you. It is my
desire that neither the stock nor the bonds of the Company shall pass out of my family and
that you will agree among yourselves that the others shall have an opportunity to buy at a
fair price the stock and bonds of any one before a different disposition can be made. I hope
that the management of the affairs of the Company shall meet with approval of each one
but should a difference of opinion arise I desire that the judgment of a majority of you shall
be controlling on all questions of policy. I advise that you approve action by the Board of
Directors of the Company in reserving all net profits as additions to surplus account and in
declaring no dividend on the stock for at least ten (10) years. I urge upon you to live within
your income and not to be a borrower on your own account or through the Company.
Realizing that changed conditions may arise which will require freedom in action to meet
them I have not fixed rigid limitations as to possession and control of this property but have
indicated my earnest desire that a prudent and conservative management of the Company
shall be maintained and enforced and that each of you shall put proper restrictions upon
your expenditures and lay aside a reasonable proportion of your income.
I have full confidence that this advice will be respected and followed by all of my children.
Your affectionate father,

Henry Phipps

Henry Phipps
87th Street & Fifth Avenue
New York



Just what was your granddaddy writing, with you in mind, in the month of JUNE, 1911?

Up at Haa~vad  they used to sing to the footballers from Yah~ale–just as~~ Haa~~vad was going down to defeat:

OH!!~~ Well that’s all~~right~~that’s O~~KAY~~your going to work for us someday!!!

Blood will out~~Henry~~~just as

Blood will out~~ORB~~


Well done, ORB~~old Uncle Henry would be proud!!  Nicely done!!

Of late, life has been a bit dicey for the, oft disparaged, American Aristo class~~but–THANK GOD~~ORB has proven that, as before, in the end, good blood will out!!  Hopefully, he has started a trend..back..to the good old days and the good, right sort, of people.

Thanks, DAD!!

Rejoice and Glad!!



John Daniel Begg


Washington DC

Monday, 6th Mai, Anno Domini Nostri Iesu Christi, 2013


ORB chalks a charming win for the American ARISTOS~~Phipps boys know a bit about picking the right Papa~~if you did as well, you would find~~ life is a bed of ROSES~~~

Thanks, Dad!!!

 Well, lads–we may have lost some two–penny election, but, in the end, we won the real race–THE DERBY!!

Unsung Heroes~~One~~Today Remembered~~Today, All Their Praises Sung..


Father Emil Kapaun celebrating Mass using the hood of a jeep as his altar, October 7, 1950.  Photo credits~~~

Author Col. Raymond Skeehan

In the morning coffee klatch, Harrison and I most particularly, can remember the great unsung heroes~~men~~brave men forgotten~~from wars forgotten~~unremembered in a world of clowns~~here is one such~~Priest of God~~Saint soon, we pray~~warrior~~selfless~~remember him…listen…remember…


 ὅπερ ἔδει ποιῆσαι



ὅπερ ἔδει δεῖξαι~~



Rejoice and Glad!!



John Daniel Begg


Washington DC

Friday, 3rd Mai, Anno Domini Nostri Iesu Christi, 2013


Father Emil Joseph Kapaun was a Roman Catholic priest and United States Army chaplain who died as a prisoner of war in the Korean War.