My Party remains drowsily amoral while the other Party pursues an active immorality~~it’s not much of a choice but~~whom do you prefer, kid?~~


Keeping his friends close~~

Maternal great-grand uncle Sally always had a hail-fellow and a drink for a man in need of either.  Sally raised pots of money for the Democrats but he always complained of shabby treatment by Mr. Dewey~~representative of our paternal side of things~~how was a young boy to choose between these conflicting familial cross currents?   An interesting ethical question presents itself to us~~

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Prohibit THIS~~~Uncle Sally pours a friend a drink~~Mr. Tom Dewey, just above here~~ didn’t care much for Sally~~but that ended up a heap of surprises for him~~

Harry Truman

~~Uncle Sally and the boys counted the votes~~until they all came out just right~~

Today, the tempestuous choices of youth seem long-shadowed and bucolic.  Politics at Washington now is stupid, ugly and boring~~but it is not complex.~~

My Party is sleepy, drowsy, inattentive and amoral.  Old men with whiskey sodas still clap at the boy for re-fills and life is frozen into place.  My Party has no interest in poor or middle class people and that indifference registers loudly at the polling places.

Meanwhile, rafts of evidence point to a bustling enterprise in the Children’s Party of the other side.  Busy bees~~buzz~buzz.

The Children’s Party pursues an active~~nay Sir~~ a rapacious and urbane~~immorality~~while my men slumber at the country clubs.

Not sleepy themselves~~in fact wide awake~~The  Children’s Party, on finding nobody cares at all, no longer even bothers to speak of the poor and concentrates its ham-handed missives on the frisky and striving “middle classes.”

In my Party~~money comes from one’s Father~as it ought~~if there is any justice.

In the Children’s Party~~money comes from the trades unions, who in turn, get their money from the Mafia~~from great-uncle Sally.  This is simple history~~if one were interested in reading it.

My Party ignores the working man~~and claps for the boy to re-fill empty whiskey sodas.

The Children’s Party forces the working men to join trades unions~~”for a better life.”

Yet, this “better life” involves principally the trades unions and uncle Sally’s boys rifling through the thread-bare pockets of working men to steal money to give to the Democratic Children at election.

The Democrats, in their turn, on getting elected, thank the working man by raising his taxes~~and stealing yet more money from him.  And, the cycle repeats and repeats in our ear.

Is it any wonder that the wise men, the better men, sleep and drink to avoid thinking on the current conditions?

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~~Κύριε ἐλέησον~~

Rejoice and Glad!!



John Daniel Begg


Washington DC

Tuesday, 4th Juin, Anno Domini Nostri Iesu Christi, 2013


~~Wayward angels~~on a courtesy call~~Gettin’ out the vote~~

~~Great Uncle Sally, 3rd left, and the boys, collecting money for the Democrats at election~~who could say No to ’em?~~~

2 thoughts on “My Party remains drowsily amoral while the other Party pursues an active immorality~~it’s not much of a choice but~~whom do you prefer, kid?~~

  1. Dear John it seems your party might be amorally fun When is it?

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    El 04/06/2013, a las 14:19, John Daniel Begg escribió:

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