Man’s unbridled greed~and lust for gold~Sex it up~Sex it ’till you can’t stand up~Sex it ’till you die~

Beauty in defeat~~Alydar~~in Calumet red~~comes up just a tad short in the 1978 Preakness at Pimlico in Baltimore to Triple-Crown winner Affirmed~~

Photo credit~~Jerry Cook~~Sports Illustrated


Sex it up~~

Sex ’till you can’t stand up~~Sex ’till you die~~man’s unbridled greed~~and lust for~~


Book Review of Wild Ride~~@8.5.2013~~1945hrs~~~taping~~~


Alydar was one of the premier race horses and stud horses of our lifetimes. A magnificent racing thrill, in the breeding shed after his career, he ginned out more Grouped winners than anyone of recent memory~~save Seattle Slew.

His life was tragic as he became a shattered chess piece in a sordid game of bait and switch and physical abuse as a stallion.

Gorgeous Calumet Stables~~beloved to all in the business had fallen into the most disreputable of hands~~men desperate to both steal money and to keep one step ahead of a fast approaching racing authority.

In her wonderful book, Wild Ride, Ann Auerbach captures both the beauty and savagery of the highest level of the thoroughbred racing business~an enterprise very little known to outsiders not born to it.

Auerbach likewise knows very well the breeding side of the business–a still more terrifying, rarefied and ruthless enterprise than is the racing sport itself.

It can be said with alacrity~but in no sense jocularly~that the stallion Alydar~~died from too much sex.

That may sound to many readers as the ideal way to leave this orb but sex is like anything else~~if you have to do it all the time~~it’s work~~and nobody likes to work~~not man~~not beast~

John Daniel Begg


Beauty in repose~~Alydar at gorgeous Calumet Farm~~in the breeding sheds of which~~shown behind~~lurked a savage and sinister demon~~man’s greed~~and lust for~~



~~Κύριε ἐλέησον~~

Rejoice and Glad!!







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