I say~Come on Democrats~show some nerve~show some verve~raise the minimum wage to $5000/the hour–OH?? WHY NOT~do you secretly know what idiots you are~

A Movie Review of Moyers and Company interviewing some idiot academic~~


I say~~Bill Moyers and your little friend Wolf~

~~please stop~~

Playing rude games with the poor~~”OH, Mr. Bill Moyers~~if only we can simply raise the wage the minimum wage”~~ and other pin-head con games~

Oh!! if only we could just raise the minimum wage~~is one of the oldest, best selling, tunes in the Commie Top 40–can you believe that song still gets played~~

Dan–the minimum wage is a definition of not making it~~it is a definition of poverty~~to raise or lower it~~is simply to re-define not making it~~to re-define~~poverty~~

I want to progress past the standard left/right sleepy hallow double talk in this city and actually get something done for the workers before the nation explodes.

Everybody here of this city is too comfortable and academic and nobody here realizes we are sitting on a powder keg~~if I were on the telle~vision with this clown~~I would say “Wolf~~if you are so bone-headed as to think that raising your little academic number will not have an upward push on all wages~~to include your own~~let’s cut out the baby steps and make $5000/hr the minimum wage~~for ease of maths~~that is $10 milllions a year~~whadda think about that plan Wolf~~don’t be a Republican cheap skate–you’re supposed to be helping the poor~help them~~pay them $10 millions the year–you say your schemes have no upper~ward push on anyone else’s wage–


~~let’s find out–let’s call your bluff–let’s put the Commie top 40 all time great song into practice~~

I think that would send Wolf back to whatever space ship campus he lives on~

John Begg~

~~Κύριε ἐλέησον~~
Rejoice and Glad!!







Washington, District of Columbia

United States

Friday, 9th Aout, Anno Domini Nostri Iesu Christi, 2013~


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Washington DC



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