It’s not business, Mr. bin Laden~it’s only personal~


It’s not business, Mr. bin Laden~it’s only personal~

Mr. bin Laden and his merry pranksters may well be listed dead for purposes of business~~but I’ve yet to do with them~~personally.

You ask why, Sir?~~Alright~~here’s why , Sir~~

On going for my most recent passport snap, I was told~~”No smiling permitted, Sir, since the 9-1-1 business, you know.”

On hearing this, my eyes popped wide in amazement. Young Paulie, good lad with a camera, assured “We can do a second snap of course, Sir, as you were so startled the first.”

On moment’s reflection, I said~~”No, Paulie, lad, I want to remember this for what it was~~and carry it with me world over, so that I am ever reminded that Mr. bin Laden and his merry pranksters have yet to do with me~~personally.”

Paulie, not an Italian, did not take my meaning. I explained. “Paulie, Mia Mummy~~Una Bella Italiana~~passed to me~~by blood~~this message~~in matters serious as that between myself~~personally~~ and Mr. bin Laden and his pranksters~~it’s not business~~it’s only personal~~very, very~~personal”~~

I am off now to dance once last with Imelda in her misty Island paradise named for the Prince of Spain~where~~

I understand~~she is now both a widow and a politician~~heavens~~what a dreary ending to those charming, dancing feet~~

I am off to dance again with Imelda~~personally~~having at this point~~no further business~~to conduct with her or her nation called the wonderful Philippines~~



 Earlier in life, I reveled in the gaiety of the South East Asia and in the fluid arms of Imelda~~a wonderful dancer~~I had then no business with Mr. bin Laden~~or any interest in him~~personally~~ 

I believe, my first color passport photograph~~

earlier black and white shots were so much keener~~

taken in the early 1970’s

preparatory to jetting off to Clark Air Force Base and Subic Bay Naval Base

to savour for listless hours the steaming broth of South Eastern romance in~~

Senora Imelda’s tropic paradise~~named for a Prince of Spain~~The Philippine Islands~


image002 (20)


~~Κύριε ἐλέησον~~

Rejoice and Glad!!







Washington, District of Columbia

United States

Tuesday, 20th Aout, Anno Domini Nostri Iesu Christi, 2013~


John Daniel Begg


Washington DC



john daniel begg public affairs and speechwriting

4853 Sedgwick Street
North West
Washington, DC 20016-2323533
Voice Telephone: 1-(202) 966-8029
Telefacsimile: 1-(202) 966-4125
Mobile Telephone: 1-(202) 557-1064

Tweets: @jtdbegg




Princess Imelda~~as I best remember her~~as we used to dance all night~~in the days before life became an utter bore and the world met Mr. bin Laden~~and he arrested my attention~~personally~~

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