Young Ian and I discuss Old Fannie Mae~whose common equity today is well worth looking into~and how to get that old girl to help us in getting up a bit of money for Christmas~


Dear Old Fannie Mae on Wisconsin Avenue at Washington~~gorgeous place to hang your hat~~and truly remarkable gardens out back~~all based on the Governor’s Palace at Colonial Williamsburg~~and~~as young Ian and I discuss~~a place that~~potentially~~has some Christmas money in it for us~~


~~A Fannie Mae Merry Christmas~~


~~Prettier and sweeter still than the wrapping or the bow~~our most hoped for~~Seasonal return on equity~~Thanks Fannie Mae~~

Ian MacDonald
12:26 PM (1 hour ago)
to me
How have you been doing?

I am considering FNMA (Fannie Mae) as an investment based on extensive research I’ve done. This is from today:

I know it is risky and I know it is a longshot. My question for you if you have any idea of how any of this stuff works is this, They have common stock and preferred stock, the preferred under many different ticker symbols. If the government allows the investors to buy parts of Fannie and Freddie as they want, and convert all the preferred shares to common shares, will the common shares that currently trade still hold value and be part of the conversion, or be rendered worthless, and should one be invested in the preferred shares, and if so which ones? You probably have no idea but I don’t know anyone else to ask and this seem real interesting to me and I think it hold a lot of potential.

Thanks for any input,

Ian M

John Begg <>
1:49 PM (12 minutes ago)
to Ian
Ian–generally speaking, preferred shares aren’t all that much more of a hedge against insolvency and chapter 11 filings than are conventional equities–my attitude about them is that they are not much different from bonds–they are hedged plays that to me simply cost more money without affording me any additional protection. FNMA is a major firestorm in this city now–with both parties vowing to snuff it out–but–was with all political matters–we can only guess what all the talk means–i think that FNMA and Freddie will eventually either be eliminated or pushed out into the conventional markets completely divorced of governmental connection–in either case–there will be time to divest your holdings before any major fall down if you are attentive on a daily basis to the price swings and news items pertaining to your equity.
I see that since the infusion of this fresh money today there has been a fair run up of (+)(-)10%–and then a bit of a retreat–pink sheets are a risk–but the guy who put this money in is no fool and he is risking a lot–even at washington $52bl is a great deal of money–so i have to assume he has done all his homework–twice over

that all said–one of my maxims i do think beneficial from finance is–do your own research and buy what you conclude is a good investment and do not ever let anybody talk you out of your conclusion–it’s very much like horse racing without the color and excitement–and you are just another guy at the races who has no idea who is going to win–a lot of racing guys can talk your ear off and have fancy papers and charts to prove or disprove this or that–but when it comes down to the run–nobody knows what will happen–the key is that your conclusion to buy must be based on hard work and calculation–I see you have done that–and it would violate my maxim to suggest to you that you go against your inclination.
good long-term investors are all of a type–we are disciplined, studious, hard-working, determined unemotional and unfazed by periodic setbacks and losses–which will occur for all of us–but if you work hard and follow your conclusions to buy and sell based on hard work and study–you will make out well–more than half the time…
in a general sense, i personally think that while there may be a substantial run down in equities near term–longer term–i think we are in for a very sustained bull run in equity prices–the fly in the tea today is that politics so much drives the markets–and that is a comparatively new consideration–since the collapse of 2008–and so–as much as we all would like to avoid the subject–along with all the other things you need to calculate in your decision-making–today you must add politics to the list.
if i were you–having done all requisite calculations and concluded you like the stock–take a shot–you may very well make some money–best to you, tess and the baby–you guys ring up some time–202-557-1064–john

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