America’s next Hobson’s Choice~What man among us today at Washington will chance becoming the next Mr. Herbert Clark Hoover?


Mr. Hoover in his Youth~~long before he took the~~most undeserved historical hit for~~causing the Great Depression~~: After being tragically orphaned at the age of nine, Hoover lived with his uncle, attended Quaker schools and then graduated from Stanford University with a degree in engineering. (Photo Credit: Bettmann/CORBIS)

Apropos this~~
Will we just continue to let the Fed and other central banks pursue this policy?


As I say~~the predicate justification for intemperate monetary policy is that the policy is necessary to avoid our going into a depression~~an argument line that can be neither proved nor disproved.  The logical extension of this argument line is that in the near term we are faced with two disastrous options~~to continue loose money policy~~or to go into a depression~~neither option elicits smiles on a winter Monday morning.~~
In fact~~it gets worse~~if it is accepted central bank logic that we have only these two choices~~then we can never tighten monetary policy because who is the fellow at Washington who wants to be the next Mr. Hoover~~a man who had absolutely nothing to do with causing the Great Depression~~but a man who is, nonetheless, blamed for it?


~~The principal need in America is the promotion of the possibility for the average man to get and keep a good job with good benefits paid by the employer~~as was done not very long ago.~~



~~Bene Nati, Bene Vestiti, Et Mediocriter Docti~~

~~La crema y nata~~

~~Artista de la conquista~~


 ~~In sunshine and in shadow~~I hold tight to the Republican view of time and money~~I write night and day~~yet~~while impecunious~~I am vastly overpaid~~in that taking pay to do what I love is unfair~~to my employer~~in a fair system~~under such circumstances~~I should pay him~~not he me~~I am far, far too old a man to be sexually confused~~praise Jesus~~but I am yet young enough to be politically confused~~is anyone not~~in an absolute sense~~I am a Catholic Royalist~~in a practical sense~~I am a Classical Liberal~~a Gaullist~~a Bonapartist~~an American Nationalist  Republican~~in either sense~~my head is soon for the chopping block~~to hasten my interlude with Madame La Guillotine~~I write without fear~and without favor of~any man~~ 

 Non Sibi~~

Finis Origine Pendet~~

 ~~Κύριε ἐλέησον~~

Rejoice and Glad!!



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"Jean-Marie Le Pen is a friend. He is dangerous for the political set because he's the only one who's sincere. He says out loud what many people think deep down, and what the politicians refrain from saying because they are either too demagogic or too chicken. Le Pen, with all his faults and qualities, is probably the only one who thinks about the interests of France before his own."~~
French actor~~Alain Delon




The Catholic University of America
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Motto~~Deus Lux Mea Est~~



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