Greed may now be naughty yet greed remains America~


“In a real dark night of the soul, it is always three o’clock in the morning, day after day.”

– F. Scott Fitzgerald

Scott Fitzgerald was a reasonably talented writer who managed being the quintessential American novelist and his work, The Great Gatsby, is the quintessential American novel. There is little not in the book that one need know of the Americans.


We ask~~why then, is Gatsby so critically panned~~times now seven times~~ by the librarian class? Librarians mutter that there “is nothing to this book~~beyond money and ostentatious display!”


But girls, girls~~that is what America is~~money, quickly, and sloppily acquired, and its ostentatious display~~that is America.


Despite what schoolmarmish ones might tell you~~the story of Gatsby is the story of the Americans~~a people insatiably thirsty for more money than they can count and an opulence that Kings would envy.


Willy Maugham, a writer more adroit than myself or even our thirsty Scotty, said of the Americans~~


“The Americans are so terribly successful principally because they know who they are~~something most people do not know~~the Americans are a people feverishly devoted to the twin lusts of~~~ big business and fornication~~and very, very little else.”~~



“At any rate, let us love for a while, for a year or so, you and me. That’s a form of divine drunkenness that we can all try. There are only diamonds in the whole world, diamonds and perhaps the shabby gift of disillusion.~~


F. Scott Fitzgerald, from “A Diamond as Big as the Ritz”. 

Pictured here with Zelda and their daughter, Frances.~~




“Having once found the intensity of art, nothing else that can happen in life can ever again seem as important as the creative process.”

– F. Scott Fitzgerald~~

F. Scott Fitzgerald home at 6 Gateway Drive in Great Neck Estates, the basis of Nick's house in The Great Gatsby

Scott Fitzgerald lived with his wife Zelda Fitzgerald at 6 Gateway Drive in Great Neck Estates, in King’s Point on Long Island, New York, from 1922-1924s, and based West Egg in the book, The Great Gatsby, on Great Neck/King’s Point, and the neighbouring East Egg was modelled on the more affluent Sands Point

The couple moved there in 1922 after the birth of their daughter “Scottie” and the home became the inspiration for Nick Carraway’s West Egg house in the novel. Read more about the development of the story here.



 F. Scott Fitzgerald (right) was unable to spell his friend Ernest Hemingway’s name correctly

@The Mail of London Online~~

“What little I’ve accomplished has been by the most laborious and uphill work, and I wish now I’d never relaxed or looked back”~~

~~Said at the end of The Great Gatsby~~



 ‘I’ve found my line—from now on this comes first.'”

– F. Scott Fitzgerald


The rich man ought not be taxed at all~~he ought be compelled to employ the poor man~~
~~The principal need in America today is~~financial and industrial De-Globalization~~to facilitate the promotion of the possibility for the average man to get and keep a good job with good benefits paid by the employer~~as was done not very long ago.~~
~~Bene Nati, Bene Vestiti, Et Mediocriter Docti~~
~~La crema y nata~~
~~Artista de la conquista~~  


~~In sunshine and in shadow~~I hold tight to the Republican view of time and money~~I write night and day~~yet~~while impecunious~~I am vastly overpaid~~in that taking pay to do what I love is unfair~~to my employer~~in a fair system~~under such circumstances~~I should pay him~~not he me~~I am far, far too old a man to be sexually confused~~praise Jesus~~but I am yet young enough to be politically confused~~is anyone not~~in an absolute sense~~I am a Catholic Royalist~~in a practical sense~~I am a Classical Liberal~~a Gaullist~~a Bonapartist~~an American Nationalist  Republican~~in either sense~~my head is soon for the chopping block~~to hasten my interlude with Madame La Guillotine~~I write without fear~and without favor of~any man~~ 
Non Sibi~~
Finis Origine Pendet~~
 ~~Κύριε ἐλέησον~~

Rejoice and Glad!!



~~The Original Angry Bird~~The Catholic University of America Screaming Red Cardinal Mascot~~




Thursday, 12th Decembre, Anno Domini Nostri Iesu Christi, 2013

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"Jean-Marie Le Pen is a friend. He is dangerous for the political set because he's the only one who's sincere. He says out loud what many people think deep down, and what the politicians refrain from saying because they are either too demagogic or too chicken. Le Pen, with all his faults and qualities, is probably the only one who thinks about the interests of France before his own."~~
French actor~~Alain Delon



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