What needs to be radically transformed is not America Herself but rather Washington, DC~Herself~


    • Washington, DC~~a beautiful and yet now~~terribly troubled capital city~~


      Fact is the Republican Party is supposed to be the part of small, limited government and while they talk the talk, they just don’t walk the walk, they either don’t deliver, can’t deliver or don’t want to deliver.


      john begg

  • john begg

    President at john daniel begg public affairs


    Quite so, Craig~~quite so~~and that is what the pitched combat in our Party is about~~what does the Party stand for~~whom does it represent~~a combat that to my mind may very well lead to the dissolution of both Parties fairly soon as the utter failure to represent core constituent groups applies even more brazenly to the other Party~~than to our own~~ 


  • ~~I think it is dawning on a very broad cross section of the Americans that this city of my birth and now~~aged life~~ Washington, District of Columbia~~is the mortal enemy of the Americans and that what needs to be radically transformed is not America Herself but rather Washington, DC~~a distinction~~ and a difference of~~considerable consequence~~
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  • John Begg ~~
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