I never bet fillies when they’re in season~you see they’re distracted then~by a far higher calling~


Today, you see, the sole purpose of marrying for humans~~is to make babies~~there simply isn’t any other reason to take such a plunge~~you see that, now don’t you?
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John Begg ~~Well, now~~Danny boy–How can we tell if or no animals derive pleasure from sex–after all the girl animal is only receptive when she is in season so that suggests sex for at least the girl animal has only one purpose–to make babies–boy animals are always at the ready–but again that maybe down to instinct so that they are in the mood as the girl comes into season to accommodate her–and all her girlfriends–lucky bastards–mais, que sais-je?~~
With humans it’s funny because I am old enough to remember when young kids were in a rush to marry to get regular sex and the Church taught that sex in marriage was solely to make babies–in the modern times–one certainly doesn’t have to marry to have sex, Jesus knows, so the only legitimate reason to get married in the modern-day is to make babies~~



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