My Vanilla Presidency~

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    John Begg ~~Karen dear–don’t you fret–all of Washington shakes its collective head and says that Ellie Marie “is simply a Christian martyr–simply a Christian martyr–a Saint consecrated”–for her having to put up with my various–how shall I say– idiosyncrasies–ask Wendy–she is completely convinced that Ellie Marie is a Saint consecrated–I tell Ellie Marie’s fans that while I love Ellie Marie to death–none here–nor Wendy–has the power to consecrate Saints–and Ellie Marie–wise enough to laugh at life’s riddles–simply says “I don’t want to be a Christian Martyr or a Saint–not now at least–that would mean I’d be dead.”

    Karen– John Begg–Putting up with someone’s idiosyncrasies doesn’t mean you like them and lack of respect for another’s sensitivities erodes love . . .Saint or not, she deserves to be cherished and made to feel indespensible — not just suitable for the time being . . .sounds like you are the dominant personality, so it’s up to you to consider her feelings . . .
  • John Begg Domination?~~oh I don’t go in for that sort, my dear~~you and Wendy must be thinking of Jeff Smith~~people here want me to run for President–saying in my ear that the country needs saving~~and that I haven’t anything useful to do with my time~
     You know–they say~~that I’ve a lot of free time on my hands~~so I ought to offer myself up as some sort of sacrificial lamb for slaughter~~
    I’m perplexed they would ask me~~in fact, between us~~I think it rather rude~~as that is such a tiresome job~~however as we say in England~~times are tough and needs must~~
    And so~~I am being what is called vetted–and before being what is called vetted–I was asked my “sins”–and I said–I tell my sins to a priest–not to politicians seeking a President to save the Americans~
    But they insisted upon some sort of answer and I said~~
    “Well—by the standards of the day–which are very lax–my sins are pretty vanilla-the potential trouble is~
    I like vanilla a very great deal”
    Brigitte Bardot
    Ewa Aulin (1)



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