Ronald Wilson Reagan~Just a smidgen less short of God than all the others~He spoiled us~



I worship at the altar of no man but God Jesus.


Here on earth, well short of heaven, we must now live.


I reflect that the Americans indulge a whimsically silly, faux Deification, of various public servants who all fall laughably so short of God.


And, yet, here on earth you and I live and we yearn to see men lead us who are just a smidgen less short of God than are all the others.


The corruption at Washington today is so ubiquitous, so all-pervasive, that I still shake my head and wonder, as I read again his words to us today, how Mr. Reagan was ever elected President in 1980.


Reagan most certainly could not be elected today. He was willing to take on all the elements of the corrupt machine~~not just one or two~~all of them.


He is of course sorely…

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