A philosophical letter to The American Tea Party Patriots, The Libertarians and related readers~all our New Jeffersonians~The Peter Pans of our present day~in which letter we find that Justice alone is the only legitimate father of America’s twin angels~Liberty and Freedom~and that, absent Justice, the American twin angels of Liberty and Freedom, could not, legitimately, come to be~

My Dear Friends:
Justice trumps Liberty as the most important societal consideration.
A Just society is far more important than a Free society.
A Just society presupposes Liberty.
A Free society does not presuppose Justice.
Hence, right minded-men ought concern themselves most of all with securing Justice, not Liberty or Freedom.
When I was far younger man, I wrote a paper, the premise of which was that, The Standard of Ohio ought not to have been compulsorily divested by the High Court, as the stated purpose of that divestiture was that Mr. Rockefeller was simply too rich~~a silly argument,.
Ah, Youth, where hast thou now fled?
I, when young, reasoned that, in his liberty, Mr Rockefeller was all sorts of a swell fella, and free to get as rich as he liked.
I reasoned that Mr Rockefeller was simply smarter, faster, more determined and more savage than all the other men of his time and that a love of liberty above all would have occasioned me to vote against any governmental, or Judicial. move to punish him for simply being better than everyone else.
That line of thought sounded swell on paper, but in my dotage, I have now come to realize that liberty and freedom alone cannot properly inform society. 
Many today on the free-thinking side of the net persist in thinking that Liberty and Freedom are the only proper goals of right-minded men.
To reason that Liberty alone is the be all and end all is to be juvenescent.
We all envy juvenescence, and quite understandably so.  After all, who wants to grow up and grow old when we all pray to both stay, and always grow, forever young?
We must all just as well, and as early as possible, know that, with maturity, we do, or at least ought to, grow up and grow old.
We must know that Liberty, of Herself, will destroy Herself if not first tempered first by Justice.
So it is that I say to my friends of The American Tea Party and related groups, yes it’s all sorts of a swell idea to be free.
Yet, much as with drinking, one man can drink far too much Liberty.
Drinking, I say, is something that must be done judiciously, or not at all.
It is true that every man must decide for himself if he can drink judiciously or no.
The mature man, realizing that he cannot drink judiciously, ought simply not to drink at all.
Yes, to drink or no is the individual man’s decision to make.
Yes, it is the individual man’s free choice to amass as much money as he can.
Such decisions are personal and, in making those decisions, man exercises his Liberty.
This is pure Jeffersonian thought.
It’s giddy, it’s correct, and, all the more palatable, it’s juvenescence, all run amok.
All the young have passionate affairs as they ought, with our Mr, Jefferson~our most sly seducer.  I did without any lament~and I’d do it all over again and again and again.
Mr. Rockefeller was not wrong to amass as much money as he could, he was at his Liberty to do so.
That said, while I envy the young their youth and I am loath to ever trifle with juvenescence, I must now switch my vote on the High Court and say that I would, and will, divest The Standard of Ohio and its cousins, as their actions, taken to logical extension, are quite simply~Unjust.
Yes dear friends, Unjust.
I’ve nothing personal against Mr Rockefeller or his desires to make money.
The more the merrier, I say.
I certainly remain very fond of our Mr. Jefferson~our most romantic of our founders, with whom I shared a passionate love for many, many years that no mere woman can compete with~ever.
Sadly perhaps, we the American elders, must say to ourselves and to you, our children, as Saint Paul admonishes us all, “now that I am a man, I have set aside the things of a child.”
Youth and the desire for Liberty and Freedom never lose their allure and Mr Jefferson will always be mine, and your, most ardent, and faithful, of lovers.
Youth tossed aside today, and, dreary as it sounds, we come to discover that there simply must be governors on our liberty for the public good.
Mr. Rockefeller and his Standard Trust are offered as example.
Mr Rockefeller was Liberty run amok.
Run Amok.
To suggest, as I did myself in youth suggest, that there is no such thing as too much Liberty, is to remain forever a Peter Pan~~A Jeffersonian child prince.
To the New American Jeffersonians of The Tea Party Patriots and related branches of their tree, I here say, yes, there is such a thing as too much Liberty.
Mr. Rockefeller’s case is on point as he was the crowning exemplar of Jeffersonian Peter Pan Idealism.
Mr. Rockefeller was simply better, smarter, quicker, more industrious, more aggressive, more ruthless, than all the other men of his time.
No teacher would ever tell you that Mr Rockefeller was the personification of giddy Jeffersonian Liberty.  And yet, he most indubitably, was so.
Mr. Rockefeller was Mr Jefferson, in the flesh.
Mr. Rockefeller was Peter Pan, made man.
Mr Rockefeller was The American Tea Party Ideal Man come down from the heavens~
Absolutely Free.
Absolutely unfettered.
Absolutely at his Liberty.
Absolutely rambunctious.
My friend, Mr Hedrick Smith, author of Who Stole The American Dream, of which all here read and make good note, and ever himself juvenescent, hastens here to inform both myself and this audience, that there were such men as can justly be called “good robber barons.”  
Mr. Smith cites Mr. Henry Ford to make his point and I say, point well taken, Mr. Smith.
Having conceded that Mr. Smith, and oddly so for Mr. Smith, The American Tea Party and its tributaries, are on the same page here, as are Peter Pan Himself, and our ever-young, Mr Jefferson.
Yes, Mr Ford was Liberty run amok, and yes he was yet a swell fella.
I suggest to Mr. Smith and to The American Tea Party and feeding streams of thought, that Mr Rockefeller’s Standard of Ohio Supreme Court case is the more poignant here, than is Mr Ford, as, Mr Rockefeller, better demonstrates the societal result when there is no brake, no governor, on Liberty run all amok.
Further so, that Liberty run amok crushes Herself.
Her very self.
That cannot be Just.
Likewise so, Unjust, to have a societal construct that thirsts for Liberty first now and always, is Liberty run all amok.
Such a construct is wrong because it is unjust.
Hence, Justice must be our clarion call.
Justice must come first.  
A Just society, is necessarily, a Free society.
A Free society, is not necessarily, a Just society.
The demands of Justice supersede that thirst and that hunger, for Liberty.
Liberty and Freedom, appropriately, quench and sate that thirst, that hunger, in all mankind.
As Liberty and Freedom are the stream of thought that refreshes and nourishes man, that stream itself is refreshed and nourished by Justice.
To The New American Tea Party Patriots, to the Libertarians and all their cousins, friends and far distant relations, to Mr Hedrick Smith and all, I say:
Seek first Lady Justice and, on finding Lady Justice, you shall also have~~
Liberty Herself ~~
For your Just dessert.
God Bless all here and their families.
I am, and will remain always yours,
Jack Begg~~
November 2003 event 012
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