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EPA / STR Australia and New Zealand
The Once and Future Baby King George arrives down under to review His future Subjects and naps while His parents meet the locals.
Prince William and Catherine Duchess of Cambridge talk with members of the Maori welcome group at an official welcome on the grounds of Government House, in Wellington, New Zealand, 07 April 2014
EPA / Mark CootePrince William and Catherine Duchess of Cambridge talk with members of the Maori welcome group at an official welcome on the grounds of Government House, in Wellington, New Zealand, 07 April 2014.
  • Kate Middleton, Prince William, George welcomed to New Zealand

SYDNEY, Australia — Britain’s Prince William and his wife, Kate, have arrived in New Zealand’s capital to cheers from locals who braved windy, rainy weather to catch a glimpse of the royal couple.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge landed in the fog-shrouded city of Wellington on Monday along with their baby son, George, to kick off a three-week tour of New Zealand and Australia.

  • Prince William and Duchess Kate give Prince George his royal tour debut with traditional welcome to New Zealand

Associated Press and The Telegraph | April 7, 2014 9:13 AM ET

Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images

Hagen Hopkins/Getty ImagesPrince William, Duke of Cambridge, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince George of Cambridge arrive at Wellington Airport on April 7, 2014 in Wellington, New Zealand.
Chris Jackson / Getty Images

Chris Jackson / Getty ImagesThe Royal Family have arrived in New Zealand for the first day of a Royal Tour to New Zealand and Australia

Prime Minister John Key greeted the couple before they were whisked off to Government House where they received a traditional Maori welcome.

William and Kate plan to spend the next few weeks enjoying a wine tasting at a local vineyard, meeting with The Lord of the Ringsdirector Peter Jackson, going on a jet boat ride and visiting Christchurch, which was devastated by an earthquake in 2011.

Kate and William arrive in New Zealand amid a row over their son’s mode of transport.


PlunketPlunket car seat services technician Aethalia O’Connor shows the seat that will be used for Prince George during the Royal’s visit to New Zealand

New Zealand’s national child care advisory agency, Plunket, issued photographs to the media of one of its staff fitting a Maxi-Cosi baby seat into the official car that will transport the royal visitors.

But parents immediately pointed out that the seat, which was chosen by the Duke and Duchess, is forward-facing, despite Plunket’s strict guidelines telling parents to carry children in rear-facing car seats until the age of two, to limit whiplash in an accident.

The manufacturer’s own instructions say the seat, a Maxi-Cosi Tobi, costing up to pounds 260, is to be used for children from about nine months — slightly older than Prince George is now.

EPA / STR Australia and New Zealand

EPA / STR Australia and New ZealandGeorge’s freshly hired full-time nanny accompanied the family on the trip
Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images

Hagen Hopkins/Getty ImagesThe Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are on a three-week tour of Australia and New Zealand, the first official trip overseas with their son, Prince George of Cambridge.

The New Zealand Transport Agency states that front-facing seats can be used from “about one year old” and refers parents to the Plunket website, which says “it is safest to keep your baby in a car seat that allows them to be rear-facing until they are at least two years old.” Plunket’s Facebook page was inundated with derisory comments from parents accusing the non-profit organisation of hypocrisy.

Janelle Fletcher said: “If it was any one of us New Zealanders we would have got a horrible look from passers-by?…?is it because they are royals that you seem to think rules don’t apply?”

Nicola May Brooks wrote: “Plunket, there actually is a legal obligation to rear face to 12 months. Read the rules!”

Woolf Crown Copyright/AFP/Getty Images

Woolf Crown Copyright/AFP/Getty ImagesThe Duchess getting a ‘hongi,’ a traditional Maori greeting, from a Maori elder as the Prince looks on
Marty Melville/AFP/Getty Images

Marty Melville/AFP/Getty ImagesThe Duchess of Cambridge receives a “hongi”, a traditional Maori greeting, by a Maori elder during a welcoming at Government House in Wellington.

Stung by the criticism, Plunket responded by making it clear that the seat was chosen by the Duke and Duchess, not its own staff. Kensington Palace also confirmed that the seat was “the couple’s choice.”

Jenny Prince, Plunket’s aptly named chief executive, said: “Plunket’s priority is to ensure car seats are installed by qualified car seat technicians to ensure they perform correctly. While Plunket recommend that children stay in rear-facing seats until age two, it is not a legal requirement.”

When Prince William visited Australia and New Zealand in 1983, at a month older than Prince George, he was put in a brown velvet-lined rear-facing car seat.

AP Photo / SNPA, Ross Setford

AP Photo / SNPA, Ross SetfordKate chats with a Maori warrior at the official welcome

U.K. laws on child seats say babies can be in forward-facing seats if they weigh 9kg or more.

The row is doubly embarrassing because Plunket, which provides everything from post-natal home visits to play groups and car seat rental, is hosting Prince George’s first full-scale public engagement.

On Wednesday, he and the Duke and Duchess will join other parents and babies at a playgroup in Government House, the home of New Zealand’s Governor-General, with the world’s media in attendance.

AP Photo / SNPA

AP Photo / SNPAA powhiri (Maori welcome) at their official welcome at Government House, in Welling

The royal party landed in Wellington after flying to Sydney on a scheduled Qantas flight and transferring to a Royal New Zealand Air Force flight for the final leg of the journey. The royal party, including their Spanish nanny, the Duchess’s hairdresser, private secretaries and police guards, is thought to have been given the entire 14-berth first-class cabin aboard the Airbus A380, which took off from Heathrow on Saturday.

The cost of the tickets, which normally sell for around $11,500 return per person, has been paid by the New Zealand government.

AP Photo/SNPA, Ross Setford

AP Photo/SNPA, Ross SetfordKate’s diamond and platinum silver fern brooch was a loaner from the Queen; it was a gift from New Zealand in 1953

The visit has prompted a fresh debate over whether New Zealand should retain the monarchy, with Sir Don McKinnon, the former deputy prime minister and ex-Commonwealth Secretary-General, saying it is “inevitable” that the country will become a republic.

However, latest polls show that only 41 per cent of New Zealanders favour becoming a republic, a figure that is likely to fall after a 10-day visit by the Duke, Duchess and Prince George.

EPA/Mark Coote

EPA/Mark CootePrince William reviews the guard. Prince George was watching from the upstairs window while Spanish nanny Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo took photos of the scene below
Chris Jackson / Getty Images
Apropos of the debate regarding representative democracy, we wrote this, just yesterday:
The arrival of baby Prince George on tour in Australia and New Zealand, gives graphic support to our fulsome argument for a return to Royalism.
The baby Prince’s future subjects had some interesting things to say about His visitation:
Isn’t the Royal Family a much nicer symbol of our structured civilization than the likes of our elected politicians? The politicians have their essential place only because of the fact that we can replace them periodically. Given their conduct they would be totally intolerable if we could not boot them out now and then.
      • Inuk Canuck  Capnhand  15 hours ago

        So we could pay more for a less effective form of government? What a great idea! The Canadian Monarchy costs Canada $1.62 per capita each year. Compare that with France at $4.00 per capita or the States at $7.92 per capita. Republics are more expensive with worse track records.


        We could not have said it better ourselves.


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    ~~La crema y nata~~ ~ ~~Artista de la conquista~
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