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The young President of the Americans, whom we do not know, has, we understand here, expressed a hope for change, a desire vague enough to be most alluring to the impossibly young and lacking in specificity enough to be endearing even to some grown-ups.
Over, rather too many, Scotch sodas at the club Easter Sunday, I was informed by a fella whose name now escapes that if I were to watch the moving picture called, I think, TAXI DRIVER, starring, I think, Bobby Di Niro, I would fully understand the young President’s inclinations as, the politician in TAXI DRIVER is a carbon copy of the young President of the Americans, with respect at least to the vagaries of his message.
I like the acting of Bobby Di Niro and I took a look at the film to find out just what all the fuss was about.
I was impressed by the film, in the main because it likewise starred a very young, ceaselessly captivating, Miss Cybill Shepherd, for whom, my cap has always been firmly set.
All American Presidential campaign slogans, and so too the slogan used by the politician in TAXI DRIVER, make a grown man cock his head and ask himself this question:
Just what the devil does that slogan MEAN?  You know, in American English.
Most of TAXI DRIVER is rather good and fast-paced, but the, moronic, speeches of the Presidential candidate are vapid beyond the imagining.
I’ll say now that I do take my club friend’s point–that the Presidential candidate Mr. Charles Palantine of TAXI DRIVER, likewise hoped for change.
Or at least, he said that did.
What a horrid suit!!
What I did take away from the movie, as its singular, message, one I think very often overlooked by others, is this:
If you want to shoot a politician and become a very famous sort of hero, but fail in the attempt, as he is too well-guarded by the police,
take instead, an admittedly, not very fulfilling, second best choice and:
Shoot a pimp instead.
Becoming a somewhat smaller sort of hero.
It is of interest worth noting here that, in the TAXI DRIVER, Bobby De Niro’s character was motivated to shoot the politician so as to impress Miss Cybill Shepherd’s character and that the movie also starred a young, little lesbian girl, called Miss Jodie Foster, who, 5 very short years later would, in very much like kind, inspire a boy to gun down President Reagan, so as to impress her.
One has to assume that, the then somewhat older little lesbian girl, Miss Jodie Foster, now advanced a bit past playing a prostitute in the TAXI DRIVER and by then busy studying something a bit different in New Haven, was not terribly much impressed by the efforts of her erstwhile paramour outside the Washington Hilton Hotel, where he came a great deal closer than many will ever, ever, know to killing the, then brand new President Reagan, a giant towering over far, far lesser men.
We simply must wonder: Is all of American political  life, simply a rather cheesy movie, played out, over and over again, on different screen sets?

 The rich man ought not be taxed at all~~Instead, the rich man ought be compelled to employ and train the poor man~~directly~~personally~~man to man~~

  • ~~
    The principal need in America today is~~financial and industrial De-Globalization~~to facilitate the promotion of the possibility for the average man to get and keep a good job with good benefits paid by the employer~~as was done not very long ago.~~


    ~~Bene Nati, Bene Vestiti, Et Mediocriter Docti~~
    ~~La crema y nata~~ 
    ~~Artista de la conquista~
    ~~In sunshine and in shadow~~I hold tight to the Republican view of time and money~~I write night and day~~yet~~while impecunious~~I am vastly overpaid~~in that taking pay to do what I love is unfair~~to my employer~~in a fair system~~under such circumstances~~I should pay him~~not he me~~I am far, far too old a man to be sexually confused~~praise Jesus~~but I am yet young enough to be politically confused~~is anyone not~~in an absolute sense~~I am a Catholic Royalist~~in a practical sense~~I am a Classical Liberal~~a Gaullist~~a Bonapartist~~an American Nationalist  Republican~~in either sense~~my head is soon for the chopping block~~to hasten my interlude with Madame La Guillotine~~I write without fear~and without favor of~any man~~ 
    Non Sibi~~
    Finis Origine Pendet~
      ~~Κύριε ἐλέησον~~
    Rejoice and Glad!!


~The Original Angry Bird~~The Catholic University of America Screaming Red Cardinal Mascot~~




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"Jean-Marie Le Pen is a friend. He is dangerous for the political set because he's the only one who's sincere. He says out loud what many people think deep down, and what the politicians refrain from saying because they are either too demagogic or too chicken. Le Pen, with all his faults and qualities, is probably the only one who thinks about the interests of France before his own."~~
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