War and forgetfulness: The German said this to us: “We are going to get rid of the Jews. And, we are not kidding. We don’t care much how that gets done. It’s your call, pretty boys. Decide.”~

Hotel Royal Evian Les Bains

In this post card setting, at the Hotel Royal in Evian Les Bains, in 1938,  I sold you and you sold me.
Delegates to the Evian Conference, where the fate of Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany was discussed. US delegate Myron Taylor is third from left. France, July 1938.
The pretty boys, in their striped trousers, all came to the sparkling conference, to talk about the Jews.
The Evian Conference on Jewish refugees. From left to right are French delegate Henri Berenger, United States delegate Myron Taylor, and British delegate Lord Winterton. France, July 8, 1938.
“What a swell meet-up, old loves, great food and the wine–mia momma.”
My dearest Sher:
Myron Taylor, US delegate to the Evian Conference, pleads for the establishment of an intergovernmental committee to facilitate Jewish emigration. Evian-les-Bains, France, July 15, 1938.
All the pretty boys, brought their pretty speeches to the conference.  Their speeches were:
Awe inspiring.
Simply awe-inspiring.
Innocent victims: These young Jewish girls couldn't possibly have imagined the horrors that lay ahead as they pose outside their tent in another haunting photograph taken by the ardent Nazi Hugo Jaeger
Evian Les Bains Conference, 1938, is, beyond reasoned debate, the singularly most important episode in the sad saga of the war in the western sector, yet it is virtually unknown today to anyone except very educated men, and to only a very few of us in that set–the entire slaughter of our people could have been prevented and the ones to blame are the Brits and the Americans.
A young woman clutches a jug as she escorts an elderly Jewish man through the Kutno Ghetto in early 1940
Some of the smaller Benelux countries actually said OK and took some Jew refugees, but of course those countries were themselves over run when the storm came which made their kindheartedness no longer helpful or  pertinent.
A Jewish woman uses a washing board to clean clothes in the Kutno
The conference lead, directly, to the Final Solution which is known to most, or rather, known for now, at any rate.
The Evian Conference provided a viable option to that solution and offered another instead.
Despite the awfulness of her predicament, this  Jewish woman manages to smile brightly for the camera as she poses for Jaeger
It’s always been remarkable to me that the Jews somehow manage to smile, even in anticipation and direct experience of the horror upon horror unrelenting that has been their history since The Garden.
The West and the Americans, who could have effected an altogether different final solution, closed eyes and walked away.
We simply made pretty speeches, drank great wine, took the waters, had swell dinner parties and then, walked away, when Herr Hitler’s emissary called our bluff.
The German said this to us:
“We are going to get rid of the Jews.  We are not kidding.  We don’t care much how that gets done.  It’s your call, pretty boys.  If you striped pants guys are all upset about this–here’s a promise:
We will bring the Jews to the harbors and you pick them up and take them home with you if you love them so much as you say you do.”
An elderly man with a yellow Star of David fixed to his chest, speaks with German officers as he and other Jews are rounded up in Kutno, German-occupied Poland in 1939
The West, with tiny, brave exceptions, finished their wine and their dinners and…all ran away.
Another final solution ensued.
Fate: In 1942, as part of Hitler's 'final solution' the Nazis began Operation Reinhardt, the plan to eliminate all of Poland's Jews. In the spring of 1942 the Kutno Ghetto itself was 'liquidated'
The German hated the Jew–he admitted it–publicly.
We were indifferent and hid our indifference under a cloak of engaged concern and lofty speeches.
In the Scripture, we see that Lazarus burnt in a hotter pit of Hell for his indifference than did the actively evil man.
I first read about this conference when I was 7 years old.
Knowledge of Evian resides, or rather resided, as it is soon to be forgotten altogether when my generation goes aloft, exclusively in the egg head classes, always a small group, and getting smaller by the day.
I get very annoyed by the many who say that Germany was just some freakish outlier respecting Her policies toward our people.
The attitudes of Germany respecting Jews was, and is, the universal attitude in all of Europe–and by lineal extension, all of America.
It is a convenient excuse to blame Germany and duck all blame everywhere else.
Apologists for Frank Roosevelt, a truly dreadful man, would say “well, we went to war with Hitler to stop this,”
But that is a lie–to Frank and the Americans, saving Jews was not even a consideration in the war.
A shame on us all.  A blight on all men, this.
People need to know about this, but they’ll never be taught.
As real education in the West utterly collapses and the only thing anyone can think to say about the war at all is:
“Oh! my, my, Hitler killed the Jews,”
Ghetto boys: In their tattered rags the two boys smile for the camera, but the man in the centre, most probably their father, has a look of distrust etched across his face
We are now left with an idiocy that permits all the others who were complicit and collusive to sail away Scot free and far worse yet, to play the hero for having saved what Jews were left from Hitler’s clutches.
Hitler and the Germans are convenient villains behind whom, all the other villains, now hide.
A blight on all of us.
Of course, for the striped trouser crowd, everything is OK
Everything is always OK
You and I know that everything is not OK and we remember the horrid cowardice and indifference of the West, Sher dear,
When we are gone, who will?
And, I remain..
Yours always and everywhere,
Jack Begg

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