Man of God in the Hell of The Sudan: Mr, Joseph Kony.~

Joseph Kony, leader of the Lords Resistance Army

For now, heaven will just have to wait, as Mr. Joseph Kony who claims to be a religious man, leads his Lord’s Resistance Army, fighting now a holy war in the teeming jungles of The Sudan, carrying as their shield:
The Ten Commandments.
Many men in history carry many different sorts of shields into battle with them.  God’s Shield may be the most common Shield of all.
Many men say many, very different things, about themselves and others.
Dr. Joseph Peppe and I, today, say this:
Hitler is very much alive and well today in the teeming jungles of  The Sudan, wearing the colors of The Lord’s Resistance Army.
In that sad country, Hitler calls himself Mr. Joseph Kony, Man of God. 
Today, Doctor Joseph and I write of the evil carnage in The Sudan and of a little Hitler there called Mr. Joseph Kony.
Girls can play too, in The Sudan: Fighting for God, in Mr. Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army.
Our friend, Dr. Joseph Peppe, sounds a very much needed clarion call about the horrid madness in The Sudan, called Mr Joseph Kony.
My Dear Dr. Joe:
Yes, thanks, mine is an Easter tie from just last Sunday and yes, thank you, it does POP!!
A tie that stands out in this city of the dull and the dammed where very public men hide and are afraid to do anything that is not approved…to and including tie colors.
I am so sorry to hear of the suffering of The Sudan and of the machinations of this little Hitler, Mr. Joseph Kony, over there, in the jungles, in the wretched heat.
Flag of Lord's Resistance Army.svg
The colors of Mr. Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army
You are quite correct that Mr. Joseph Kony is altogether unknown to the Americans.  He oughtn’t to be unknown.
Joseph Kony’s vile name ought be on many lips, and cursed so, at this capital city and others where, what is called civilized men, live.
There is so much sadness in this world–in The Sudan and lamentably, in so many other places as well.
Likewise so, many, many little Hitlers, including the fellow in The Sudan, Mr. Joseph Kony.
Joseph Kony, headshot, from the film 'Kony 2012'.jpg
Joe Kony, I simply must tell you that Dr. Joseph Peppe and I, here in America, are very much displeased by your behaviour out there in the jungle.
Very much:
Dr Peppe and I would very much like to see you chart a far, far different course in The Sudan, Joe Kony.
A far, far, different course.
When I was a young boy, I got into trouble for writing that Hitler was not aberrational at all:
I wrote back then  that there are “many, many little Hitlers living among us–they just don’t get their hands on any power, so nobody has heard of them.”
People found that notion uncomfortable.  But, I never had one deny its veracity.
Post Script
In addition to my regular newspaper, I am writing a book about a Chinese medical doctor who is a panda bear who invents a new medical protocol, principally for children.  Let’s discuss that sometime–I think in your line, you may well find it interesting.
God Bless always,
Jack Begg
On 04/28/14 7:45 AM, Dr. Joseph Peppe, ND wrote:
Hi John,
Thanks for your endorsements. Nice, cheery tie my friend, goes well with that black and white! 
Recently i viewed an HBO special outlining that devil, Joseph Kony, who has murdered 60,000 children, over decades, in South Sudan and three surrounding countries, while somehow evading capture. Can we put a satellite on him and end this slaughter of innocents?
Godspeed my Friend,
Joe Peppe, ND

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