Everybody on this earth wants to live in the civilized parts of it: North and West Europe and America. Trouble is: There just isn’t room for everybody to live in the civilized parts. Oh, Dear. Question is: What are North and West Europe and America prepared to do about this?

Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy – Morning Brief

Friday, May 30, 2014

Europe: The number of migrants seeking to enter Europe illegally has surged in 2014, according to Frontex, the European Union’s border agency. With more people attempting to make the crossing from North Africa to Europe in the summer months, that rise is expected to continue.

Shanty town: An immigrant from north Africa walks out of his makeshift tent on the beach at Lampedusa

The number of migrants so far this year is close to the total for 2013 and has already passed the total number who arrived during an equivalent period in 2011, when 140,000 people ultimately entered Europe illegally. Syrians, Afghans, and Eritreans top the list of those detected trying to enter — Syrians accounted for a quarter of all illegal migration into Europe last year and this year are expected to make up one third.

Protest: Hundreds of residents gather at the port to stop any more boats bearing refugees landing at Lampedusa


The immigration debate played a central role during the recent European elections. Right wing groups, which have made immigration a touchstone issue, made notable gains in France and Britain. French police expelled some 800 migrants from camps near Calais earlier this week. The Italian government said more than 39,000 migrants had arrived on its shores already this year.

Sea of humanity: Italian police push back immigrants from Tunisia as they wait at the port for food in Lampedusa

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[AFP] Malians board aeroplane to return to Bamako



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