Need a job? Fancy yourself a politician…the toughest sales job of all time.

A little note to job seekers about the Selling and Buying of Jobs: Fancy yourself a politician…the toughest sales job of all time.
Corporate recruiters are an interesting breed.  Most are quite terrible at what they do..but that is no real negative…almost everyone is truly terrible at what they do..why should recruiters be any different?
From the perspective of the seller, the recruiter’s job is this:  Get me hired..highest price
From the perspective of the buyer, the task is:  Find me the best candidate to hire, lowest price
Responding in this note from Washington, I have to say that the notion of selling yourself to a very wary, jaundiced and often disinterested buying public is what politics is all about.
ALL politicians start out as completely unknown entities.
ALL politicians have precisely the same sales objective: to get elected.
To get elected means to be hired for a position that the buyer, meaning the voter, does not want to hire either you, or anyone else, for.
So, politics is the toughest sales task, designed to land the toughest position possible: a position in which the buyer actively hates all the candidates and, moreover, hates the entire industry in which you have chosen to work.
And yet, every two years, 435 Congressmen stand for election and buyers across the nation elect one of these politicians to each seat.
No seat ever goes unfilled.
The lesson for personal marketing, the lesson for job seekers…look to politics:
*It begins, always, with a completely unknown candidate.
*It is contested in an arena in which, always, the buyer HATES both the SELLER personally and the PRODUCT and the entire product line and collective industry, collectively.
*The sale itself is ALWAYS made.
In politics as in actual human life, there are many buyers and many sellers.  The sellers want to be hired to a position.  The buyers want to be left alone.  Despite that dichotomy, the sale always gets made.  
The buyer always buys from somebody.
How does the individual seller make that somebody himself?
Now, that’s the sale!!
How to make the’s the art of the political deal!!
In that sense, getting elected is no different from getting any other job.
 It’s just far, far more difficult than getting any other job so job applicants of all sorts and buyers of all sorts and recruiters of all sorts will do well to look at the political world as a very useful diagram for any job search.


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