La Raza Mas Importante.

1996: Baptism
Mass, total-immersion, baptisms of Mexican Pilgrims to our shores left to the side for a minute, be aware that it is numbers themselves, not racialist identities themselves, that drive elections.
The most important number in American politics?
White voters.
The most important race in American politics?
To wit:
130,000,000 Americans voted in 2012 for President.
Candidate (Party Label) Popular Vote Total Percent of Popular Vote
Barack Obama (Democrat) 65,915,796 51.06%
Mitt Romney (Republican) 60,933,500 47.20%
Gary Johnson (Libertarian, Independent) 1,275,971 0.99%
Jill Stein (Green, Pacific Green, Mountain, Independent) 469,628 0.36%
Write-In (Miscellaneous) 136,040 0.11%
Virgil Goode (Constitution, Independent American, U.S. Taxpayers) 122,388 0.09%
Roseann Barr (Peace and Freedom) 67,326 0.05%
Ross C. “Rocky” Anderson (Justice, Progressive, Independent) 43,018 0.03%
Tom Hoefling (American Independent, America’s Party) 40,628 0.03%
Randall Terry (Independent) 13,105 0.01%
Richard Duncan (Independent) 12,557 0.01%
Peta Lindsay (Socialism and Liberation) 7,791 0.01%
None of These Candidates (Nevada) 5,770 0.00%
Chuck Baldwin (Reform) 5,017 0.00%
Will Christensen (Constitution) 4,453 0.00%
Stewart Alexander (Socialist) 4,405 0.00%
James Harris (Socialist Workers) 4,117 0.00%
Thomas Robert Stevens (Objectivist) 4,091 0.00%
Jim Carlson (Grassroots) 3,149 0.00%
Jill Reed (Unaffiliated) 2,875 0.00%
Merlin Miller (American Third Position, Independent) 2,701 0.00%
Sheila “Samm” Tittle (We the People) 2,572 0.00%
Gloria La Riva (Socialism and Liberation, Independent) 1,608 0.00%
Jerry White (Socialist Equality, Independent) 1,279 0.00%
Dean Morstad (Constitutional Government) 1,094 0.00%
Jerry Litzel (Independent) 1,027 0.00%
Barbara Dale Washer (Reform) 1,016 0.00%
Jeff Boss (NSA Did 911) 1,007 0.00%
Andre Barnett (Reform) 956 0.00%
Jack Fellure (Prohibition) 518 0.00%
Total: 129,085,403
U.S. Census Bureau Voting Age Population (Current Population Survey for November 2012): 235,248,000
Percentage of Voting Age Population casting a vote for President: 54.87%
Note: Party designations vary from one state to another. Vote totals for the candidates listed above include any write-in votes they received
Of that figure, roughly 127,000,000 voted for the 2 major Party candidates.
Of that figure, 75%, or roughly 95,000,000, of those voters were white.
Of those white voters, 60% voted for the Republican candidate, or roughly, 57,000,000.
It has been noted here and elsewhere that the 57,000,000 whites who voted for Mr. Romney constitute the lion’s share of Mr Romney’s total takings of about 61,000,000 votes.
Some in the press services say that Mr Romney’s vote takings represent the demise of the white American voter.
They are simply wrong.
Any group that makes up 75% of the total American electorate is ignored at any man’s peril.
And, I deduce that it is in that very ignoring of white American voters, in favor of voters who constitute a very negligible percentage of total voters, that has alienated white American voters and continues to alienate white American voters and will continue to alienate that massively influential voting group.
When I was young, whites voted massively for Democrats, a condition pretty much flipped by percentage count from where they vote today, as they then saw that Party as benefiting their vested interest.
No longer.
White American voters no longer view the Democrats as being the Party of their vested interests and every subsequent two years, white Americans go to the polls and register even more forcefully their alienation from the Democrats.
American white voters are the forgotten demographic.
The ignored demographic.
No one ever talks about white voters…which is indeed odd as whites are 75% of the American electorate and….75% of anything is a very large portion of the sum total.
Our good friend Mike Barone has done the donkey work on relevant political statistics and he elaborates further in his link below.
Before we turn you over to Mike for the details, I must say that I know some very shrewd Democratic operatives and I must ask them:
How is it possible to go about deliberately ignoring and alienating white Americans who represent 75% of American voters?
How is that possibly a sage political strategy?
And now, to our Mike Barone:

Is This the Political Map of the Future?

A Commentary by Michael Barone

Friday, November 14, 2014

If you’re a political junkie — or at least if you’re a conservative political junkie — you’ve probably seen the map. It’s a map of the United States showing the congressional districts won by Republicans in red and those won by Democrats in blue.

It looks almost entirely red, except for some pinpoints of blue in major metropolitan areas and a few blue blotches here and there — in Minnesota, Northern New Mexico and Arizona, Western New England, along the Pacific Coast.

Of course, it’s misleading. Congressional districts are of basically equal population, and Democrats tend to roll up big margins in densely populated areas. So while voters have elected at least 244 Republican congressmen and probably will end up with at least 247 — more than in any election since 1928 — the map overstates their dominance.

But it does tell us something about the geographic and cultural isolation of the core groups of the Democratic Party: gentry liberals and blacks.

These were the two groups gathered together when Barack Obama had the opportunity to draw the new lines of his state Senate district after the 2000 census. He combined the heavily black South Side of Chicago with Gold Coast gentry liberals north of the Loop.

Together, they provided him with an overwhelmingly Democratic voter base and with access to the upper financial and intellectual reaches of the Democratic Party — and, in short time, the presidency of the United States.

But blacks and gentry liberals by themselves are not a national majority, as the map suggests. And policies designed to appeal to the Obama Democratic base may be repelling other, larger segments of the electorate. Consider the racial groups surveyed by contemporary political analysts.

1. Black turnout was only slightly down from 2012 to 2014 (from 13 percent to 12 percent of the electorate), and blacks voted 89 percent Democratic. But blacks are not a growing segment of the population, and Democrats will never again win by the margin Obama enjoyed among blacks in 2008 — 91 points, or 12 points of the entire electorate.

Democrats tried to gin up black turnout with ads about the fatal shooting of black teenager by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. But given the facts of the case that have come out so far, that may have hurt more than helped overall.

2. Hispanics represented 8 percent of voters in 2014 and 10 percent in 2012, and those percentages will rise. But they’re not unanimously Democratic. They voted 62 percent Democratic in House elections this year, but that figure was buoyed by the nearly 40 percent of Hispanics who voted in heavily Democratic California, New York and New Jersey. Hispanic Democratic percentages were significantly lower elsewhere, including Texas, Florida, Georgia, Kansas and Colorado.

Evidence suggests that gentry liberal causes — abortion absolutism, gun control and opposition to fracking — have been repelling rather than attracting Hispanics. Polls also show they’re more interested in jobs and education — and dissatisfied with Democrats’ performance — than in immigration, on which they are miffed at both parties.

3. Asians, 3 percent of the electorate, have been oscillating wildly in exit polls: 73 percent to 26 percent for Obama in 2012, 50 percent to 49 percent for House Republicans in 2014. These may be small and unrepresentative samples. But note that California Asians squelched an attempt by gentry liberals, Hispanics and blacks to overturn the state’s voter-imposed ban on racial preferences in higher education.

4. Whites are constantly told they’re headed to minority status, but they were still 72 percent of voters in 2012 and 75 percent in 2014 — and they’re increasingly Republican. They voted 59 percent for Mitt Romney, the highest for any Republican presidential candidate except in the 1972 and 1984 landslides, and 60 percent for House Republicans this year.

Analysts who separate Americans into two tidy categories — white and nonwhite — assume that the nonwhite category will grow and that whites can’t vote any more Republican than they have historically. Presto, a Democratic America.

The first assumption is well-founded. But Hispanics and Asians are not replicating blacks’ voting behavior, just as they haven’t shared their unique historic heritage. In some states, they’re voting more like whites than blacks.

The second assumption may not be true at all. History shows that self-conscious minorities tend to vote cohesively, as blacks have for 150 years and Southern whites did for 90. It’s an understandable response to feeling outnumbered and faced with an unappealing agenda.

In that case, Romney’s 59 percent or House Republicans’ 60 percent among whites may turn out to be more a floor than a ceiling.

And that map may become increasingly familiar.

Michael Barone, senior political analyst at the Washington Examiner, (, where this article first appeared, is a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, a Fox News Channel contributor and a co-author of The Almanac of American Politics.

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2 thoughts on “La Raza Mas Importante.

  1. Thanks John. Nice breakdown of our present political proclivities. Yes, it is considered racist for a white man to say he is white. I must admit i am programmed by the negatory propaganda of being white. When i have to fill in the word “caucasian” it is like i am filling in the kiss-of-death on an application; be it application for anything. I have been pursuing grants for terrific projects to benefit humanity since 1990. What i have been flat-out told by foundations since 1991, is that there are no individual grants available for middle aged white men. Same has proved true in mortgage loan application denied by Bank of America, (before the real estate bubble crash), and various grant applications for various University programs, since obtained undergrad degree in 1973. The deck is stacked against Joe White man based on some theory that some other white men, totally unrelated to any of us, hit the roulette wheel too often.

    • The good news is that white voters are increasingly voting Republican–which means that Party will become the Party of the white voters vested interests. Everybody else can talk about anything they want but whites aren’t talking at all..they are simply voting Republican and, as whites are 75% of the electorate, the more whites vote for the Republicans, the more certain it will be that the Republican Party will become the majority Party and the white man’s Party….a Party that will be very hard to beat–ever again.

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