Killer Instinct.

The GOP must develop The Killer Instinct.
Now this is how you SHOULD dress for a day of fox hunting!
After all…One cannot be a Caesar if one does not act as a Caesar.
Why don’t we go directly for the jugular vein?
Why is the GOP so timid, so coy, so shy, so equivocating?
Howl: Although a ban on hunting has been in force since February 2005 many supporters of fox hunting are calling for a repeal of the ban
The GOP seems to have no taste for violence and bloodshed…which are the baseline amenities of success in the blood sport of politics.
This rider and the pack of hounds lead the way
The Democrats, by comparison, know about nothing other than blood and violence in the blood sport of politics..they will do anything to win, but the game is about up for the Democrats, as the Democrats have, permanently, alienated most American white voters and appear bound and determined to alienate the remainder.
Let’s help them to do that, chappies.
Let’s help Democrats alienate all American white voters.
Are Republicans unsure of their appeal to white voters?  If they are, they ought not to be so.
We, who understand political demographics must ask: Why doesn’t the GOP simply concentrate, solely, on attracting more disenfranchised white voters?
White votes amount to 75% of all voters.
In 2012, 95 million white voters participated out of a total voting of 127,000,000.
In 2014, white voters accounted for over 60% of all American voters.
Every 1% of white voters is worth 9.5 million votes.
9.5 million.
The Democrats are bleeding out white voters.
Riders gather and plan the hunt in a clearing in the estate's grounds
That is the only demographic statistic of any consequence–white voters are 75% of the electorate–GOP now has 60++% of white voters.
Hound and Master
The task for the GOP is to make itself more and more the safe haven for white voters.
Hang the others.
The earliest records of hounds being kennelled at Badminton date back to 1640 when the then Marquis of Worcester hunted mainly deer
Leave them to the Democrats.
After all, Democrats have forced politics in America to be about race.
Now it is about race.
Let it be on their heads.
Let the blood be on their hands.
Let us take care of our own.
Let the Democrats have all the others.  The others don’t matter.  Let the GOP truly become the Party of white America…..75% of the electorate.
The Democrats are so desperate at their attrition in white voters that they are reduced to importing foreign voters to save themselves from utter ruin.
Lucid Democratic operatives here at Washington know this very, very well.
I know this very, very well.
Democrats are in full scale panic and is the time to finish off the enemy..the time to move in for the kill.
The footage, pictured, showed evidence of 'prolonged and deliberate unlawful hunting,' said Mr Carter-Manning
It is time to be “in at the death,” as we say in fox hunting.
If you cannot understand politics on this level, don’t go to college and, more so, don’t attempt to write political comment.
Let’s actively contribute to the utter ruin of the Democrats–let’s develop the requisite passions for violence and bloodshed that are so necessary to success in the blood sport of politics.
After all, we must say to ourselves that we understand that we have first to learn this lesson:
Dangerous: Photographer Marsel van Oosten waits for the African Bull Elephant to look up before snapping the photograph, only three feet from his veranda
Let all Republicans act as American Caesars if we wish to truly become American Caesars.
Let us develop the…
red fox
Killer Instinct.
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    The principal need in America today is~~financial and industrial De-Globalization~~to facilitate the promotion of the possibility for the average man to get and keep a good job with good benefits paid by the employer~~as was done not very long ago.~~


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    Finis Origine Pendet…
    The escape commences…
    September, 1957
    Saint Jane Frances de Chantal Catholic parochial school, called, by anyone of any background, simply: “Chan~al,” a place where, of an autumn day in 1957, school,  for me,  began and ended in the first convening of the first grade in which a tiny nun, one Sister Dom Bosco, appeared before me, just behind the window appearing at far left of this photograph, and piped out this: “I may be small, but so then, is the Atom Bomb.”
    My determination to escape school commenced immediately on hearing about this Atom Bomb business and took 16 dicey and arduous years to finally accomplish.~~
    Non Sibi
    The escape continues…
    September, 1966
    The Cathedral Latin School
    Finis Origine Pendet~
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    The Queen~~

    Our Ruler now 63 years on~~

    Simply the best President we could ever hope to have~~

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