GAME SHOW IMPRESARIO, BILL O’REILLY, is a very rambunctious fella.


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Grace Kelly was a randy little coquette, born to considerable family fortune, who could bring off, somehow, the look of pretty innocence.  She had the most remarkable neck, an alluring figure, a pretty enough face and an impossibly tiny waistline, all of which, along with other wiles which cannot be mentioned on a family program, she used to best advantage, after much prayer and solitary contemplation at God’s Altar, to marry a Prince of the Blood Royal.  All photo credits: LIFE.


And…Gracie gets her boy!!  In front of God Jesus and His High Altar and a Prince of the Church, Gracie’s plans reach full fruition.  Congratulations are in order!!  Photo credits:  LIFE

From my ever-dutiful Bonnie, I hear today for the very first time of a Mr. William O’Reilly, Washington game show impresario, who, to me, incomprehensibly, connects marriage to happiness. What a singularly hilarious idea!!  Look and listen…

Factoring, Mr. William O’Reilly, some rather well done fender and body work to the face and a fair to middling amount of television make-up, I factor that you and I are about the same age, give or take a pinch.

Factoring far more importantly, assuming William O’Reilly is your born Christian and surname and not a stage name, we share both blood lines over the waters and a fealty to Mother Church that no television game show could possibly tear asunder.

I understand that Washington, constitutionally incapable of addressing issues of any consequence, is these days all afire about homosexuals marrying one another.  I hesitate to ask just why that is the case, as I’ve substantially less than no interest in the answer.  Nana maternal told me early “that subject is impolite and simply not to be addressed by polite people.”

Factor, Mr. O’Reilly, that groups whose members consider themselves as social outcasts will never be satisfied in Courts rulings or Congresses laws simply because what they seek—to be loved–cannot be resolved in Courts or Congresses. It’s just that simple.

There was an expression from our youth ubiquitous that “Jesus either lives in your heart or He does not.”  For those not anointed, this means that love of one’s fellow man either lives in the hearts of individual men or it does not.  If it does not, no Court or Congress can do anything about that.

Bonnie says to me, poor child, her labors ever unrewarded, that in the clip that she watched attentively, Mr. O’Reilly closes his game show by saying “I want everybody to be happy.”

What a cheerful idea—Father Christmas at Easter Sunday!!

Not to dampen the spirit of the Season, William, but I must tell you that happiness and love of one’s fellow man cannot be adjudicated or legislated.  I’m so sorry.

Factor that’s the rub, Billy, because it is.  You are on the right track with this happiness business but you fall a long mile or two short of the mark as, what people, most particularly those who view themselves as social outcasts, really desire, is to be loved.  But that can never be attained by a Court ruling or by passing a law.

That hash now fully settled, kindly explain just how you manage to connect the words marriage and happiness?  As a schoolboy, doubtless you learned that marriage and happiness are antonyms, never synonyms.

Bonnie and I do wish you all best with your game show and likewise Happy Easter!!



John Daniel Begg


Washington DC

Holy Thursday,  28th March, Anno Domini Nostri Iesu Christi, 2013



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