Helping to save the whales in The Bay State~The Americans truly re-define the term~lack of imagination~


~Helping to save the whales in The Bay State~~


~~Happy little whales celebrate the election of their~~very best~~ pal in Massachusetts~~

John Daniel Begg Public Affairs shared a link.

The only thing I take from this article is that these conservation kids are truly foolish with their money~~why, pray tell~~was it necessary to lay out 80 cents to get this dreary old simpleton elected in MA~~it’s not as though that race was ever going to be close~~notwithstanding the fact that~~it ought to have been~~were there any pulse left in the American polity~
Liberal Dark Money Dominating 2014 Elections – OpenSecrets Blog
The amount of outside spending that’s occurred in the 2014 election cycle is up dramatically from its level at the same point in the last cycle. Spending by dark money groups alone has increased even more. The real surprise is that liberal groups have dominated the scene so far.
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~~A little pocket-money for ya, Eddie~~to help keep everything above board~~plus save whales in the process~~that way, despite what John Begg writes about your little life~~it was more than simply an utterly unremarkable ~~waste of time~~
~~~all of which reminds us this morning~~
“If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools.” – Plato

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~~Bene Nati, Bene Vestiti, Et Mediocriter Docti~~

~~La crema y nata~~

~~Artista de la conquista~~

 ~~In sunshine and in shadow~~I hold tight to the Republican view of time and money~~I write night and day~~yet~~while impecunious~~I am vastly overpaid~~in that taking pay to do what I love is unfair~~to my employer~~in a fair system~~under such circumstances~~I should pay him~~not he me~~I am far, far too old a man to be sexually confused~~praise Jesus~~but I am yet young enough to be politically confused~~is anyone not~~in an absolute sense~~I am a Catholic Royalist~~in a practical sense~~I am a Classical Liberal~~a Gaullist~~a Rockefeller Republican~~in either sense~~my head is soon for the chopping block~~to hasten my interlude with Madame La Guillotine~~I write without fear of any man~~

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"Jean-Marie Le Pen is a friend. He is dangerous for the political set because he's the only one who's sincere. He says out loud what many people think deep down, and what the politicians refrain from saying because they are either too demagogic or too chicken. Le Pen, with all his faults and qualities, is probably the only one who thinks about the interests of France before his own."~~
French actor~~Alain Delon




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