Hitler was a banality. A historic triviality.

ebensee, austria, concentration camp, survivors, nazis, 80th division, u.s. third army, 1945

Emaciated survivors of one of the largest Nazi concentration camps, at Ebensee, Austria, entered by the 80th division, U.S. Third army on May 7, 1945.

I am ever perplexed to read that the conduct of the socialist Nazis and their derivative commie playmates is so shockingly difficult to comprehend.


 Why difficult to comprehend?


Hitler was a banality.


A historic triviality.

Bleak: Soviet inmates at the frozen prison camp in Norilsk, Siberia, in 1945. The camps, often in the middle of nowhere, were surrounded with barbed wire and watchtowers

Bleak: Soviet inmates at the frozen prison camp in Norilsk, Siberia, in 1945. The camps, often in the middle of nowhere, were surrounded with barbed wire and watchtowers

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Under Stalin's despotic rule, millions of men and women died

 Surely, between Hitler, Mao of the Chinese, Stalin and their lesser friends and relations, over one billion humans have been murdered, deliberately, in our century.


All this is simply the nature of man.


Nothing more.


Nothing less.

 "Chinese greatest leader Chairman Mao with young pioneers." China - 1953:

Mao–The Beloved leader


Mao’s Little Red Book – 1966

This accounts for what a, prescient man, once called:


“The banality of evil.”


Evil is barely even news.


Evil is an every day event.


Mass evil merely a statistic.

The history of man is the history of mass slaughter.

If you know about even the recent history of our century, you must conclude that mass slaughter is the norm, not the exception.

 The differences in our times are that people know about the slaughter, whereas earlier generations did not know about the distant slaughters of their day and that the slaughter of modernity is aided in its ferocity by advanced technology.


We get to watch it happen.


How much of a difference having the ability to watch evil as it happens is difficult to quantify but surely watching panting American newsgirls going on and on about the barbarity of Islamic State leaves the viewers of the panting newsgirls with the impression that Islamic State is oh, so, terrible when in fact Islamic State is a banality and a rather small banality at that, in the scope of man’s history.


But the mass killing itself has been around since the Garden.


Mass killing is a state of mind.


A state of the, fallen, soul.


It has always been with us.


It will ever be with us.


It is native to man.






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  • At Washington, capital city of the terminally self-absorbed, mortal man holds to fleeting, feeble and fallible opinion, God immutable fact.
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      My determination to escape school commenced immediately on hearing about this Atom Bomb business and took 16 dicey and arduous years to finally accomplish.~~
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      “I am here to save mankind,” means that:
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