New American Work World

Incentive For Immediate American Jobs

On Sunday, July 1, 2012, information will appear in this space about John Daniel Begg’s address on the “New American Work World.”  The full address will be viewable and text will be available.  Other details respecting future activities Mr. Begg intends to undertake will also be presented.  Mr. Begg requests that those who have the means contribute as much as they can afford to keep this vital work moving forward and to get the great message that there is a solution to unemployment and poverty in America to every citizen so that we can all act to secure that solution and with it a happy and secure America for all of us and our families.

The very next thing you should do is to read the essay Heartbreak in Paradise.

In tandem with that article,  kindly focus close attention on the following six episode film which instructs precisely what to do to get our program passed into law and swiftly implemented:

In addition, as getting the word out across America on a monumental and time pressing enterprise such as mine is very expensive, I ask those who have been energized by my words to help defray the costs of my activities as best they can and follow this link to a secure site to make a contribution.  Thank you very much.

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