This Law is our Objective–Everybody has a role to play in getting this done now!!

FDR’s speech demanding articles of War against the Empire of Japan, December 8, 1941. That speech contained fewer than 500 words and took less than 6 minutes to deliver–let’s have our President today demand our Law to save the American economy in 2012 be past with similar brevity and dispatch

The Objective:

The President must call an
emergency joint session of Congress
and that joint session must agree,
the day of the President’s address,
these laws for him to sign that very

• A federal law that eliminates any
and all corporate and other business
taxes on commercial American
flagged enterprises of all sizes for
business conducted inside America.
Simultaneously, all capital expenses
of business, to include plant
building, research and development

and shipping costs incurred by
business, will be fully depreciable in
the year they are incurred.

•A reciprocal law that all tax
reduction benefits thus derived by
business will be used exclusively to
employ American workers inside

America, working in American

businesses and producing American

products and services using
American raw materials. All jobs
now held off shore by American
flagged companies must be brought
home to America immediately.



2 thoughts on “This Law is our Objective–Everybody has a role to play in getting this done now!!

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